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Slide Show: How to Tie a Rope Halter

Tying a horse properly is a horsemanship basic, but there’s more to it than meets the casual eye. Here, we offer some of the most important tips on how to...

Book Excerpt: Help Your Horse Flex to the Halter

Editor's Note: For more groundwork tips from Clinton, check out his series "Groundwork for Everyone" in the June 2009 through February 2010 issues of Horse & Rider. In...


Your gate to the Western riding arena. Find tips from top trainers and riders on western pleasure, barrel racing, halter, reining and more....

Video: Clinton Anderson Haltering a Foal

Downunder Horsemanship's Clinton Anderson shows you how to introduce the halter to a foal and then how to halter the foal for the first time. ...

Showmanship Polish: Hand Position and Control

Perfect your showmanship presentation by avoiding three common hand-position mistakes. Judge and Team Horse & Rider member Andrea Simons acts as your coach in this slideshow....

Time For a New Halter?

[/caption] Your horse’s halter may be like your favorite slippers—well-worn and comfy. Unlike your slippers, however, a horse halter in bad repair can lead to a significant injury. If you see...

Heads Up on Horse Halters

When your horse's halter finally gives out or gets lost, the replacement isn't likely to get much thought. Halters are such commonplace tack items that they hardly seem...

Train Your Horse for Showmanship

Here’s how to teach your horse the six basic maneuvers that allow you to compete in showmanship at halter—and that put a fingertip-finesse handle on any horse....

Safe Haltering and Tying

If you're just starting out with horses, you're probably amazed, excited, and a little nervous-all at the same time. Amazed at their size and power, excited by their energy...

Clinton Anderson: Leading a Foal

Even before you teach a foal how to respond to halter pressure, teach him how to follow beside you on a circle, using two loops of cord to guide him....

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