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AQHA Announces 2010 Hall of Fame Inductees

July 23, 2009 -- Three individuals and three horses will be inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame during the 2010 American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Convention, March...

Crosstie Training For Your Horse

At some point, you'll probably want to crosstie your horse. Maybe you're installing a set of ties in your own barn, or you plan to haul...

Train Your Horse to Ride by the Ocean

Have you always wanted to ride by the ocean - or at least along the side of your local pond or lake? Introduce your horse to water slowly and...

A Safe-Tying Method For Your Horse

It's tempting to tie your horse to a hitch with his reins during quick breaks, but no matter what, this isn't a safe move. If your rein-tied horse pulls back,...

EquiSearch Pop Quiz: Tack Box History

Sure, you know how to use all the tack in your tack box, but do you know its history? Can you name the items whose histories...

Multi-Maneuver Showmanship

Showmanship Pattern: Be ready at first marker. Trot to third marker. Stop. Back to second marker. Turn 270°; walk to judge. Stop. Set up for inspection. When dismissed, turn 90°; trot out. ...

Trimming Your Horse's Bridlepath

1. Trim just the width of the bridle's crownpiece—1 inch tops! (You can always do more next time, but a too-wide bridlepath is a nightmare to grow out.) Section the...

Sharpen your Showmanship Precision

Showmanship is a test of precision. To score well, you must nail the pattern and demonstrate a perfect presentation. In a tough competition, how you lead your horse to...

Help Your Stalled Horse

  Q: I board my recently purchased 6-year-old Arabian gelding at a stable near my home. The stable has only stalls, no pastures. (It does have...

How to Catch a Runaway Horse

We've all experienced the frustration of trying to catch a runaway horse who doesn't want to be caught. Whether we claim it's because your horse sees the halter in...

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