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Safety Rules for Kids Around Horses

In the "Riding Family" column in the June 2008 issue of Horse & Rider magazine, Jenny Meyer offers suggestions for keeping your small children safe around the barn. Here, we give...

Bonding Exercises

Question: I have a 7-year-old grade-horse gelding that's very receptive to training. I'm aware of the importance of bonding - that is, building mutual respect and trust to create a...

Team Roping Equipment

Heeler Kirt Jones just made his Wrangler NFR debut in December, roping behind Steve Purcella. The duo finished thirteenth on the year, pocketing over $69,000 and $74,000 respectively.Obviously, you...

Horse Show Packing Lists

The items that go on your list will depend on the type of showing you do, and the sort of classes you enter. For example, if you event, you'll need...

Four-Ce To Be Reckoned With

Grated Coconut, more commonly referred to as The Stud, won his fourth PRCA Bareback Horse of the Year. As a 10-year-old, this honor puts him in...

Stress-Free Weaning Tips

When your foal is ready to wean (typically from the age of four months and older), you may be dreading those first few days of separation. Help ease...

Glossary of Equine Terms - H

Habit: Traditional riding attire for sidesaddle riders. Hack: (i) A type rather than a breed, hacks are elegant riding horses, popular in the show ring in England. (ii)...

Clinton Anderson: Trouble-Free Tying

How the ring works is consistent with basic equine nature. As a prey species, horses are a “flight or fight” animal. When frightened, their first choice is to flee. If...

Horse Training: The Head-Down Cue

You're ready to clip your horse's ears. Speaking in soothing tones, you gently tug on the lead rope to coax his head down. Instead, he raises his head out of...

Post-Trailering TTouch for Your Horse

Trailering your horse to trailheads near and far broadens your horizons when it comes to exploring new trails. However, if you trailer him for more than an hour or two,...

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