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How Psyllium Can Help Reduce Equine Obesity

Obese and insulin-resistant horses may benefit from the addition of psyllium to their diet. Made from the husk of seeds of the shrub-like herb called Plantago ovata, psyllium is a high-fiber...

Sand Colic

[/caption] Psyllium, made from the seed of the fleawort plant, swells and becomes gelatinous when moist. Psyllium is a proven laxative in humans and pigs, and many people feed it to...

Sand is Cause of Horse Colic

Sand is a cause of horse colic, and horses kept on fine, sandy soils are at risk of developing colic related to eating sand. Fortunately, some feeding and management techniques...

The Facts About Sand Colic in Horses

[/caption] Sand colic, digestive upset that stems from the chronic accumulation of sand and dirt in your horse’s intestines, can strike any horse who lives on loose, sandy soil. Horses pick up...

Diarrhea in Horses Is More Than An Unsightly Mess

Problems with diarrhea may be acute or chronic, minor or severe-but they should never be ignored. At the very least, diarrhea is robbing your horse of...

Maybe It's A Chronic "Stomachache"

Colic and other digestive upsets are a common problem in horses and a variety of over-the-counter supplements are available to deal with them. Probiotics and prebiotics...

On-the-Road Nutrition

Your traveling horse needs optimal feed and water, whether you haul your horse across time zones or just a few hours away from home. A high-quality diet and ample water...

Health Update: Weather Changes Affecting Horse Health, Hay Supply

[/caption] A mild winter with little snow, a warm and early spring—so far the year has been kind to horses (and people) in many northern states. But the good weather may...

Protein's Real Role In The Diet

I recently purchased a four-year-old Thoroughbred off the track who has been out of work for the past six months. He was always fed pellets, but I'd...

Ten Ways to Optimize Your Horse's Digestive System

1. Maximize pasture turnout. Overall, the key to keeping a horse’s digestive system functioning well is to mimic nature as closely as possible. Horses with access to ample pasture...

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