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How to Put Polo Wraps and Standing Wraps on Horses

Wrap it up! Be sure you know how to put polo wraps and standing wraps on horses, thanks to the Certified Horsemanship Association

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Article Archive

Can Wiggling My Fingers Help Get My Horse on the Bit?

Wiggling your fingers is neither a quick fix nor a correct technique to get your horse on the bit. The only part of the horse that wiggling your fingers affects is his jaw. While you might feel that you gain control by wiggling the bit, the only thing you control is the horse’s head, neck and flexion, leaving the rest of the body uninfluenced. This can be described as front-to-back riding.

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Does Your Horse Need Digestive Support?

It only takes one trip to the feed store to marvel at the vast array of equine feed products. The well-stocked shop also features a wide variety of forage, from baled hay to chopped, cubed and...

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A Question About Hay Consumption

Credit: Thinkstock You should feed your horse according to body weight and management goals (weight gain or loss, for example) rather than by flakes of hay or scoops of grain per...

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Solaris EMF Named Overall Grand Champion of 2015 Sallie B. Wheeler/US Hunter Breeding National Championship

This past week, the top young horses in the country showed off their best features at the 2015 Sallie B. Wheeler/US Hunter Breeding National Championships.

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