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FOSH Analyzes Soring Violations Data

June 9, 2006 -- Friends of Sound Horses (FOSH) has analyzed data from over 2,800 suspensions imposed by the USDA and Horse Industry Organizations (HIOs) under the Horse Protection Operating...

Technology Studied for Horse Soring Protection

Technology commonly used to test blood for drugs and the air for pollutants may one day aid in the detection of chemical "soring," the application of mustard oil,...

AAEP Issues White Paper on Ending Soring

August 11, 2008 -- Calling it one of the most significant welfare issues affecting any equine breed or discipline, the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) issued recommendations August 7...

EQUUS Special Report: Why Soring Persists

I've been around horses since I was a kid. But when I was assigned a story about the controversy surrounding soring, I knew I was entering a whole new world. Of...

Summer Sores

All horse owners have to deal with the nuisance of summer insect pests. It seems to simply be part of life around horses. However, some of these pests aren't just...

Senior Horse Back Problems Check

From Hands-On Senior Horse Care by Karen E.N. Hayes, DVM, MS, & Sue M. Copeland Just as with your back, years of wear and tear can take their toll on your...

Soothing Poultice

Pamper your horse after a long, hot day on the trails with Equilite's Sore No-More Cooling Clay Poultice, recently rated "No. 1 Poultice" in a review...

All-Natural Liniment

Equilite's Sore No More Liniment is made from an all-natural herbal arnica formula. You can use it as a leg brace; rub it onto your horse's ankles,...

Sore Hock Options

Diagnostic and Treatment Options for Sore Hocks As demands on the equine athlete are constantly increased, so are the tolls taken on that athlete's body....

Treatment for Girth Galls

Girth galls -- open sores that form just behind a horse's elbow -- may look like minor wounds, but they can be enormously painful to a saddled horse....

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