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Horse Feed: What's in It?

In this month's Health section, we mentioned that it's important to watch out for high-energy carbs in your horse's feed--particularly if you're feeding for calmness. Here's a review of just...

What's in Your Hay?

[/caption] You can tell a lot about hay just by looking at it, feeling it and smelling it. When assessing the quality of hay, consider the following factors: Type of plant. Grass...

What's Your Horse's Favorite Flavor?

What flavors do horses prefer? Not those you might expect, according to a study from England. In taste tests conducted at the University of Southampton, fenugreek (an herb often used...

What's Your Hoof IQ?

So you think you know all there is to know about horses' feet? You've not only heard the saying "No foot, no horse," you claimed to have coined it yourself?...

What's Your Horse's Colic Risk?

Your horse never passes up a meal. In fact, at dinnertime he is always the first one at the pasture gate. Once in his stall, he never fails to position...

What's In a Board Bill?

[/caption] Although the bill for your horse boarding may come to you in a single round number, it represents a lot of products and services provided by the stable owner. Before...

Purina® Equine Senior® Horse Feed Quiz


Winter Care

Winter care of your horse - Learn how to feed, clothe and keep your horse stress free and healthy in winter, no matter what the weather....

What's My Horse Saying? Interpreting Horse Sounds

Like most other animals, horses don't make particular sounds that convey a single idea, but they certainly use vocal noises to get across general ideas or emotions. I'll start with...

The Unwanted Horse: What's His Fate?

[/caption] In the April 2012 issue, we wrote about the controversial topic of unwanted horses. In the June issue, our "We Hear You" section featured many reader responses to the article....

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