Mistakes Horse Buyers Make

Save yourself trouble and heartache by learning from the eight mistakes I see buyers make all too often.

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What Causes Mysterious Diarrhea?

An owner seeks a solution to her horse’s puzzling and intermittent diarrhea.

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Gallop Poll: Old-Guy Challenges?

With this survey, we want to discover the greatest management challenge you’ve had with your senior horse. Please take the poll below, then check the survey’s results in the February 2017 issue of Horse&Rider.

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A Frightening Thought

When her horse reared, this reader was scared in a way she hadn’t experienced before.

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Buckle Up for Blanket Season

2016’s best blankets.

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Still. Going. Strong.

At 22 years young, this multi-talented gelding is now showing a new generation what it takes to become a champion.

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Sit Securely to Counter Fear

This exercise will connect you to your horse’s movement, secure your seat, and build your confidence.

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The Equine 401(k)

Do you have a plan for your horse’s retirement? Follow my tips for easing your horse out of work during his golden years.

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A Foundation for Success

A horse’s soundness and ability to perform depend on his feet.

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Break Out the Bowtie

Use this bow-shaped pattern to keep your horse engaged, soften his body, and elevate his shoulders.

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Thrifty Summer Fun

Enjoy your horses this summer, while keeping an eye on your budget.

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Special in Every Way

What does it take to make a good therapy horse? Meet five stellar examples. (Bonus: Learn if your horse could make the grade.)

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Al Dunning #ReadyToRide: Left-Itis

Al Dunning explains your horse's left-side preference, and how to fix it.

Blind Horse Competes

Beka and Stormy. This month, the Your Stories section of Horse&Rider features a young woman and her horse who competed against all odds. Stormy is completely blind,...

Al Dunning: Analysis of Mare's Conformation for Performance

Al Dunning analyzes a mare's conformation and shares pros and cons of her performance preparedness.

Al Dunning: Warm-Up Drills

Al Dunning shares his warm-up drills.

Al Dunning: Bits

#ReadyToRide Al Dunning explains bit function and discusses bit selection.

Chaps-Fit Plan: Proper Technique

Having trouble fitting in those chaps after the holidays? Our chaps-fit plan can help. In the January 2012 issue, we shared with you some exercises and healthy-eating...

Leslie Lange at the 2014 AQHA World Show

Curious about trainer Leslie Lange's mental game and how she approaches preparation for the AQHA World Show? Find out in this interview.

Al Dunning: The Athletic Riding Position

Al Dunning helps you achieve an athletic riding position in your saddle.

Al Dunning: Tips on Mares, Geldings, and Studs

Al Dunning shares his insight on mares, geldings, and studs.

Al Dunning Tack Talk: Smooth Snaffle Bit

Al Dunning talks about the smooth mouth snaffle bit in this installment of Tack Talk.

Mount Up Right for Safety, Confidence

How you mount your horse can set the tone for a safe, effective ride. Here's how to get both you and your horse started on the right foot, complete with instruction from...

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