Proper Protection

Improve your show-gear-care game with apparel storage that’ll keep your items in good repair.

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Warm Up the Right Way

Don’t be blasé about warm-ups. A proper pre-ride session avoids injury and sets your horse up to perform.

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Barefoot or Shod?

Make the right choice for your horse with insight from a barefoot expert and three riders who’ve tried both options.

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Prep Tips for Group Rides

Set your horse up for success at going on trail rides with a group.

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Get Ready to Show!

Prepare for your next competition with these helpful tips and complete show-day checklist from trainer Caroline Wood.

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Latches to Lock Him Up

A sturdy and secure stall lock improves your horse’s safety and gives you peace of mind.

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#WalkInOurBoots with Alison Brantley

Cutting, boxing, and reining competitor Alison Brantley struggled to bond with her horse at first. This year she found herself in the finals in two of her three events at...

Blind Horse Competes

Beka and Stormy. This month, the Your Stories section of Horse&Rider features a young woman and her horse who competed against all odds. Stormy is completely blind,...

Chaps-Fit Plan: Proper Technique

Having trouble fitting in those chaps after the holidays? Our chaps-fit plan can help. In the January 2012 issue, we shared with you some exercises and healthy-eating...

Online Horse Communities

The Internet and online communities are booming, so if you're interested in talking horses online, becoming part of a community or finding information, this article will...

#WalkInOurBoots Before the Show with Dr. Terry Swanson

Team roping competitor and equine veterinarian Terry Swanson, DVM talks about how he's prepared for the 2015 AQHA Select World Show and how he'll ensure that his horse is...

LTO: Docs Good N Plenty

Check out our May 2015 Love to Own Horse: 2010 POA gelding by Docs Good N Tuff and out of Docs Honky Tonk Lil, by CHR Tigers Tough Eagle. Owned and shown by Kaitlyn...

Mount Up Right for Safety, Confidence

How you mount your horse can set the tone for a safe, effective ride. Here's how to get both you and your horse started on the right foot, complete with instruction from...

Leslie Lange at the 2014 AQHA World Show

Curious about trainer Leslie Lange's mental game and how she approaches preparation for the AQHA World Show? Find out in this interview.

#WalkInOurBoots with Shelley Diede

Shelley Diede of Mead, Colorado, shares how she's stayed focused during her second trip to the AQHA Select World Show, and how she got "hooked" on the ranch riding event.

Jill Newcomb at the 2014 AQHA World Show

AQHA judge and all-around trainer Jill Newcomb discusses what it takes to prepare to officiate a World Show, shares what a judge's day is like, and talks about how it...

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