Helmets 101

Don’t know what to look for when trying on a protective helmet? Confused by the array of sizes, styles, and types from which to choose? Let us help you make sense of it all!

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‘Swing’ for Shoulder Control

Good control of your horse’s shoulder improves your riding and ups your in-saddle confidence.

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The Difference a Clinic Makes

Five clinic participants share their experiences so you can get the most out of the next clinic you attend.

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The Lame Horse: Back to Basics

Is your horse lame? Confused and frustrated by the proliferation of diagnostic tools and treatment options available today? Relax. We’ll show you how good, old-fashioned horsemanship may still be the most important part of his recovery plan.

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Best Breast Collar for Your Buck

Whether you’re looking for a breast collar with all the bells and whistles or a get-the-job done piece, our guide has an option to fit your need.

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Gallop Poll: Your Competition Schedule?

This month we want to know how often you show or otherwise compete with your horse, on average, each year. Take the poll below and check the survey’s results in the September 2016 issue of Horse&Rider.

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Riding After a Replacement

Facing a joint-replacement surgery, but afraid you won’t get back in the saddle afterward? Three riders share their experiences to offer you encouragement and insight.

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Does He Hate His Bit?

Pro Carol Metcalf discusses five signs that may indicate your horse dislikes his bit. Find out how you can give your horse a happier mouth.

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Be Training-Barn Wise

Common courtesy goes a long way to maintain a positive, professional experience at your trainer’s barn.

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Get a Handle on Hackamores

Hone your horse-headgear knowledge, and learn the ins and outs of the traditional hackamore.

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Best Living Quarters for Boarded Horse?

An owner wonders about the ‘next best thing’ to a pasture with a loafing shed.

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Fly Control

Fly season is upon us! Protect your horse from the irritating, disease-carrying pests with our carefully compiled strategies.

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Our Pick! Best Make It Work Moment

When he walked into the herd at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Stallion Stakes this spring, longtime pro John Ward had no intention of cutting bridleless. But...

Al Dunning: The Athletic Riding Position

Al Dunning helps you achieve an athletic riding position in your saddle.

#WalkInOurBoots Before the Show with Dr. Terry Swanson

Team roping competitor and equine veterinarian Terry Swanson, DVM talks about how he's prepared for the 2015 AQHA Select World Show and how he'll ensure that his horse is...

Leslie Lange at the 2014 AQHA World Show

Curious about trainer Leslie Lange's mental game and how she approaches preparation for the AQHA World Show? Find out in this interview.

Blind Horse Competes

Beka and Stormy. This month, the Your Stories section of Horse&Rider features a young woman and her horse who competed against all odds. Stormy is completely blind,...

Mount Up Right for Safety, Confidence

How you mount your horse can set the tone for a safe, effective ride. Here's how to get both you and your horse started on the right foot, complete with instruction from...

#WalkInOurBoots with Shelley Diede

Shelley Diede of Mead, Colorado, shares how she's stayed focused during her second trip to the AQHA Select World Show, and how she got "hooked" on the ranch riding event.

Chaps-Fit Plan: Proper Technique

Having trouble fitting in those chaps after the holidays? Our chaps-fit plan can help. In the January 2012 issue, we shared with you some exercises and healthy-eating...

Al Dunning: Horsemanship Basic #5: Collect and Review

Al Dunning shares his horsemanship basics in the fifth installment of this five video series.

Al Dunning #ReadyToRide: Twisted Snaffle Bit

Al Dunning talks about the twisted snaffle bit in this installment of Tack Talk.

Al Dunning: Horsemanship Basic #4: Back Up

Al Dunning shares his riding basics in video four of five installments.

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