Read His Eye Before You Mount

Learn to read your horse's eye to determine his mood and, hopefully, save yourself a wreck.

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Self-Lifting Feet

Pat Parelli shares the steps to overcome resistance when picking up a horse’s feet.

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Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt's Lasting Influence

Clinician Pat Parelli, a Tom Dorrance/Ray Hunt disciple who coined the term “natural horsemanship,” has influenced riders in many disciplines. See a video of world- class show jumper Luca Moneta crediting Parelli’s methods for a major “puissance” high-jumping victory.

Jan 19, 2015

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Half-Halt Help

Having trouble collecting for a lead change? Borrow this English-riding technique to help you nail your flying lead change before the show season.

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Stall Mats: Foundation for Comfort, Health

Stalls outfitted appropriately save time, money, and ensure that your horse is comfortable and healthy.

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The Horse’s Advocate

If horses could choose someone to speak on their behalf, they’d pick Tom Dorrance, a gentle man whose philosophy is as much about living as it is about riding. (An H&R ‘Close Up’ profile first published in July 1997.)

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A New Era For Horsemanship

In their groundbreaking book, Robert M. Miller, DVM, and Rick Lamb contend the ‘natural horsemanship’ phenomenon is a sea change in the history of horse training. And, they say, it's as good for us as it is for the horses.

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Equine Agility

Challenge your ground finesse with a sport designed to enhance the relationship between horse and handler.

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Stuck-Inside Chores

Does the weather have you stuck inside? Here are a few barn-related tasks that you can complete inside to keep you busy.

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Baby, It's Cold Out There!

Keeping your horse cozy in frigid, winter weather can be a challenge. This weekly tip shares factors you should consider to ensure that your horse stays warm and healthy.

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No More Hill-Bolting

Does your horse get over-eager going up or down hills? Here’s how to ride slopes with confidence.

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Inject, Don't Infect!

Our step-by-step guide will help you safely prepare an injection for your horse.

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Shining the Chrome

Get your horse’s white points white with a top pro’s techniques.

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Equine Insurance Explained

What does equine insurance cover, and how much does it cost? Here’s what you need to know before you set out to shop for a policy.

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Spur Savvy

Gain valuable insights into five different spur designs, and learn how form affects function.

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