Hey! It Works!

Before you buy something for your horse, you want to know that it’ll perform as promised. These eight products did just that when we tried them.

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Hot or Cold?

Your horse is injured, and you’re not sure if you should be running for hot water or an ice pack. Which is best, and when do you use it? H&R contributing editor and Oregon-based...

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Sideways Control

These three exercises will boost your ability to move both ends of your horse’s body laterally for better overall control.

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Lessons, for Free

Want free lessons from a top pro? Head to the warm-up pen at a horse show, put your cell phone down, and let the learning begin.

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Protection From the Long Haul

Leg support ensures that your horse arrives at his destination with his best legs beneath him.

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Falling Out of Lead

Kristi Berg offers tips to keep a horse from falling out of lead when loping with speed.

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Is Variable Salt Intake Normal?

A horse owner wonders why some horses gobble their salt blocks while others hardly touch theirs.

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One for the Road

Getting organized for spring and summer show or trail rides? Plan what you need for each trip, and try these organizing tips.

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Hoof-Trimming Hazards

If a visit from the farrier has your dog snacking on trimmings, beware.

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To Do This Month: Grazing, Insects, and Maintenance

This month, gear up for summer the right way by gradually altering your horse's feed schedule and stepping up your horse-health maintenance game.

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Horse Trends Today

In a much-changed equine world, learn which new trends have the most to offer for you, your horse, and your goals.

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Make Your Own Luck

Want to win more? Sidestep the blame game, and embrace can-do ways to give yourself a competitive edge.

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It’s a Cinch!

Brush up on your front cinch know-how to help ensure that every ride is a fun and safe experience.

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Warmth From the Top

Surviving winter weather starts with your head; find headgear that’ll keep you toasty while you ride.

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Cheap, Cheap, Cheap—and it Works!

The most fabulous grooming tool you’ll never find in a tack shop or equine catalog is [drum roll] the inexpensive plastic kitchen scouring pad. It's the perfect tool to remove caked mud and dirt from your horse's legs this spring.

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