Horizontal Hoof Cracks Demystified

A reader asks about the causes, treatment, and prevention of horizontal cracks in her horse’s hooves.

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11 Tips for Finding ‘Mr. (or Ms.) Right’

Shopping for a horse? Avoid ‘Mr. Wrong’ by using these guidelines, gleaned from a lifetime of buying horses.

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DIY Vacation Tips

When your idea of ‘riding vacation’ means getting away with your own horse, there’s no such thing as too much money or fun. We’ll help you save on one, to get more of the other.

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7 Signs of Saddle-Fit Trouble

Learn to recognize the subtle signs of saddle-fit problems, and how you can prevent them.

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Essential Headgear

Here’s what a top performance horseman prefers as headgear for his horses—and why.

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Barn Utility Vehicles

The right motorized cart can make life around the barn a lot easier. Here are three to consider.

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Endurance Riding With AERC

Ride out, camp out, and race—all in this one great event.

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Summer Horsewear

Check out cool and comfy products to help your horse beat the heat and bugs this summer.

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Master the Straight LIne

Many patterns, from horsemanship to reining to ranch pleasure, require straight lines. Use this exercise from LaRae Powell to keep your horse on track.

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Extreme Cowboy Racing

Test your horse’s versatility in this timed event, open to all breeds and types of equines.

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Should Dry Hooves Be Soaked?

An owner asks whether soaking her gelding’s dry hooves is recommended.

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Safely Get in the Saddle With a Mounting Block

Clinician Julie Goodnight discusses why mounting with a block is a good idea, and how to use one safely.

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Gray Horses and the Risk of Melanoma

A reader worries about the likelihood of cancer developing in a horse she might buy.

May 20, 2014

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From the Ground Up

Planning to build a barn? Save yourself a lot of grief by following these five tips.

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Barn-Casual Style

Look your best at the barn in comfortable, casual clothes that don’t scrimp on style.

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