Is That Your Horse or a Mud Monster? Tips For Winter Lot Mud Prevention

Hello winter hello mud. If you have trouble recognizing your horse this time of year read on for some mud management tips: Getting your horse's dry lot as “mudproof’’ as possible helps to keep it

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Even in Chaos, Horses Help Ground Us

At first the rain was just annoying because it made it impossible to ride. Then the hours turned into days the rain became a downpour rivers and creeks overflowed dams broke and suddenly everywhere

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Eight Summer Health Concerns

Warm weather and sunny days bring some specific changes to your horse's health. Here's what to be on watch for this season.

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The Cowboy Hat

Whether you're horse showing or just mucking stalls, the cowboy hat is a beloved, recognizable symbol of the American West.

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Heat Stress in Horses

As temperatures rise this summer, monitor your horse's health closely.

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Bathing Beauty

Bath time is a great time to assess horse health and keep your horse's coat gleaming.

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U.S. Eyes Top Finishes at CHIO Aachen

June 25, 2013--The host of the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games, Aachen draws many of the best in the game for world class competition held over ten days.

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10 Tips to Protect Your Horses from Insects

Follow these tips to protect your horses from insects and parasites and make your property less fly-friendly.

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Horseback Riding Safety Tips

Whether you're horseback riding or working from the ground, heed these safety tips to keep you and your horse out of trouble.

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Salt for Horses in High Temps

Id you're horse showing in the heat, these tips can help your horse stay hydrated.

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Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour May 25-26, 2013

The self-drive tour offers access to some of Virginia's most famous horse farms, as well as the Middleburg Training Track, jumping and coaching demonstrations, a polo match and more.

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Avoid Big Vet Bills

You can save $100s, even $1,000s on vet-care costs with simple changes to your everyday routine.

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Get Going Showing

now?s a great time to Now?s a great time to get into that show pen. Opportunities for newbies and returnees abound, and the Internet is making it easier than ever for...

Video: Danger Zones Around the Horse

In this Certified Horsemanship Association video learn the danger zones around a horse on the ground and how to use horse behavior to work around them safely.

Video: Horse Grooming Show Tips

In this video learn how to groom your horse before a show.

Blanketing Your Horse

This video from the Certified Horsemanship Association describes how to blanket and unblanket a horse correctly and safely.

Safety First! Great Tips for Safe Riding

These are some things to think about before, during and after you ride your horse for riders of all ages. From Certified Horsemanship Association.

Video: Emergency Stop Using a Pulley Rein

Watch this Certified Horsemanship Association video with Julie Goodnight demonstrating how to stop a horse with a pulley rein.

How to Mount a Horse

Produced by Certified Horsemanship Association, this short video features nationally known natural horsemanship trainer Julie Goodnight demonstrating how to safely mount...

Video: Understanding Laminitis

The non-profit Animal Health Foundation and Dr. Donald Walsh offer the latest practical and scientific information to help you and your horse avoid or overcome laminitis...

How to Adjust a Martingale

This safety tip brought to you by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) deals with correctly and safely fitting different types of martingales on your horse.

Video: CHA Young Riders Clinic

Certified Horsemanship Association's Christy Landwehr and Middle Tennessee State's Anne Brzezicki explain the basics during a horsemanship clinic for youngsters.

How To Perform a Tack Safety Check of a Horse

Produced by the Certified Horsemanship Association, in this short video you'll learn what parts of the saddle and bridle to check for wear and tear as well as how to...

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