'Go Green' in Your Horse Pasture

When it comes to caring for the environment and your horse pasture, horse owners can make a significant difference. Learn how to "go green" in your horse pasture by reducing pesticides

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Horse Growth Continues With Age

A horse's growth in height is essentially complete by the age of 3, but his spine takes a full five years to mature. This means your horse will continue to grow in length after he stops gaining

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An Eastern Approach to Treating Laminitis in Horses

Looking for alternative treatments for laminitis in horses? Dr. Joyce Harman explains the traditional Chinese approach to treating laminitis.. By Debbie Moors for Horse & Rider magazine.

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Antioxidants-Defenders of Health in Horses

  Antioxidants are substances that protect against free radicals. "Radical" is a chemical term-and an appropriate one at that. It's an atom or a molecule that has an odd number

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The Magic and Mystery of a Horse's Movement

Let's Get Physical Size, conformation and specific physical traits can help horses excel at certain activities, such as jumping, racing, endurance and heavy pulling. Bone

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Breeding Horses For Color

Genetic researchers are discovering Nature's secrets for producing horses with tobiano, overo and appaloosa horse breed patterns. Horse breeders are putting the recipes to work. Horsemen

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Equine Herbal Treatments

Feeding herbs to horses is rapidly becoming more popular. Some of these herbs are actually part of the natural diet of a grazing horse and do not have much medicinal effect. But other herbs have

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Horse Eyesight and Vision Health Care

Ever wonder how your horse's vision differs from yours? The answer is that your horse sees better in some ways, and worse in others. Because your horse's eyes are positioned farther apart

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How Old is That Horse?

We've all heard the adage: "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth." Essentially that means: "Don't check his age." Horsemen traditionally use teeth to estimate

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Herbal Alternatives to Equine Sedatives

Looking for herbal alternatives to medical equine sedatives? Know the facts about herbal supplements before you administer them to your horse. By Barb Crabbe, DVM.

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Alternative Therapies for Horse Health Care

Nowadays, more and more horse owners are looking beyond the realms of conventional medicine to alternative therapies when seeking health care options for their horses. By Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

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Equine Massage Therapy Training Programs

Need an equine massage therapist or interested in learning how? Here's a small sampling of formal equine massage therapy training programs. By Barb Crabbe, DVM, for Horse & Rider magazine.

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