Come meet the author of The Ultimate Book Of Horse Bits

From the eggbutt bit to the curb bit to the full cheek snaffle bit—there’s every kind of horse bit in this big book.Do you know a loose-ring snaffle bit from an eggbutt bit a curb bit from a full cheek

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History of Bits, Evolution of the Double Bridle

The history behind the upper-level dressage bit configuration. By Gerhard Politz for Dressage Today magazine.

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Measure Your Horse's Mouth for Proper Bit Sizing

Use this handy tool to measure the width of your horse's mouth for proper bit sizing. By Suzanne Vlietstra for Horse & Rider magazine.

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Fitting a Gag Bit Correctly

An Olympic gold medal eventer explains how a gag bit needs to fit to be both effective and comfortable. By Torrance Watkins for Practical Horseman magazine.

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Expert Answer: Three-Ring Snaffle Bits

An Olympic jumper rider and a bit-design expert team up to answer a reader's question about three-ring snaffle bits. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

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How to Choose a Bit for a Horse

Instructor and trainer Ron Meredith discusses how bits act on the horse's mouth and how to select a suitable bit for your horse.

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Types of Horse Bits

Most tack stores offer an overwhelming selection of bits for sale. Knowing the difference between snaffles and curbs will help you decide which type of bit is right for your horse.

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The Bit Gallery - Fitting Snaffle Bits

Choosing a bit which fits your horse is important for his comfort.

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The Bit Gallery - Uxeter Kimberwick

Description and uses of the Uxeter Kimberwick bit.

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The Bit Gallery - Tom Thumb Western Snaffle

Description and uses of the Tom Thumb Western Snaffle.

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The Bit Gallery - Slow Twist Eggbutt Snaffle

Description and uses of the eggbutt snaffle with a slow twisted mouthpiece.

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The Bit Gallery - Twisted Wire Snaffle

Description and uses of the Twisted Wire Snaffle.

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Types of Snaffle Bits with Charles Wilhelm

Not sure what bit to use? Charles walks you through the type of snaffle bits by explaining the different functions based on style, diameter, and metal.

How to Properly Fit and Adjust a Snaffle Bit

Charles Wilhelm shows how to properly fit and adjust a snaffle bit.

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