495 days....

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There will be a few people that know what that number means....

495 - is that the route around Boston that gets the bad weather west of it? Is it the amount of money in my checking account (well, could be)? Is it the number of entries at the VA Horse Trails this weekend? Or is it the temperature that you broil salmon?


495 days until the opening ceremonies for the World Equestrian Games. 495 more days....

We as a country have 495 days to get psyched about smoking the rest of the world in all 6 disciplines and para. It's all happening right here in our country - In our famous horse park...

We have 495 more days to support everyone that wants to get there and everyone that is helping those that want to get there. And the sponsors of those that want to be there. We all want to be a part of something - this is something - SOMETHING BIG. Something fun, something great, something we can all be proud of... Wahoo!

John Madden wrote an article recently that he and Bezzie are already prepping their horses for gold medals at the world. Every class she enters; every grid she jumps; every member of her team knows there is a path to Lexington.

Now that the spring season is done (and what a *&%&^$%4 long one at that - Jan to may... stop the madness) I want to get excited about getting our team excited. We have a long way to go - 495 more days, but as David would say - it's not about the competition - it about the journey getting there.

Lets get it all done in the next 495 days!!!