Aston le Walls - who's who in eventing...

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Off to Washbrook Farm today - home of the Aston le Walls horse trials, which is hosting over 700 horses in one weekend! Yikes - 300 advanced horses alone - we, the US crew, don't think there are 300 advanced horses in all the US! Amazing!! (photo of Gina, Amy, Mandiba and me watching dressage today)
And - what a history lesson in the sport of eventing: William Fox-Pitt, Mary King, Andrew Nicholson, Blythe Tait (coaching the Kiwi team), Mark Todd, Nigel Taylor, Eddie Stibbe and Karen O'Connor. Many funny comments in the warm up as they have all spent many fun times together throughout the years.
McKinlaigh, Mandiba and Leyland all got to go in the ring and do the Olympic dressage test - All were great, much improved from Barbury. Scores haven't gotten back to us yet, those to follow.
The US-based horses got in late last night after a delay out of Atlanta - We haven't seen them yet, but word is everyone arrived safely! The crew at Aston is galloping tomorrow at Jackdaws again and getting to Barbury on Monday for quarantine to start officially Tuesday afternoon.
Our second day with Laura Kraut was just as fantastic as the first - so amazed by her energy and knowledge. The horses were all the better for her being here. We get to see her again in a week.
The other treat on Wednesday was Amy's husband, Greg, and Allyson Green, Poggio's long time groom, arrived from Seattle. Very fun to see them! Allyson has her camera here - so photos are courtesy of her.
Karen, Amy, Greg and I are off to London tomorrow night to stay with Desi Dillingham, whose flat we are using here at Aston Farm. Desi is president of The British Horse Society, past president of British Dressage and a fabulous supporter of all horse sports. She is a native of Canada, but has lived here for 35 years. We are so excited as we have gotten tickets to see the Lion King! AND PEDICURES!!! Very excited!!!
More to follow when we get to see the rest of the US gang, plus a London report...