Barbury - Clark and Amy do dressage....

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WOW - what a place! Barbury is so amazing - All the feel of the BIG international competition that it is. It only started 3 years ago and it has the feel of a seasoned event. Organizer David Green has traveled the world competing himself so he has brought all his knowledge to run this show.

All the big names are there - Mary King, William Fox-Pitt, Lucinda and Clayton Fredericks, Andrew Nicholson...on and on and on.

Weather was very windy today - Poggio thought it was very exciting in the warm up - Amy was 6th to go. He is such a character and knows his job - he marched right into that dressage ring and put in a great test for a score of 47.5. Photo is of Amy's halt at X.

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The wind picked up even more... Clark went a bit later in the afternoon. Seamus (Up Spirit) was the best he has been all year despite the dressage ring getting blown over during his canter work. Seamus carried on and finished great - the judges didn't agree with us and he got a 51.2. Very frustrating - but we are REALLY proud of Clark!

Mandiba, Mac and Leyland all had a jump today as they don't do their dressage until Saturday. Very good boys all around... ready for the BIG run.
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