Finally Florida...

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Please excuse the tardiness on the Blogs... I thought my year couldn't get stranger... and it did.
SO great to be at the farm in Florida - the horses just love it here - we all work hard and play hard here - our "team" becomes a family here.
Since the last blog - wow - where to start? Good run at Southern Pines, good run at Middleburg Horse Trials. Upstage (Woody) had colic surgery, and then had another a week later.... I cried a lot, he is my favorite, as we talked about putting him down if he got bad again. I really contemplated my job and why I do these damn horses for a living... He is doing well now - we had to leave him in Virginia. Friend and neighbor, Claudia Sarnoff, is taking the painstaking care of him at her farm. Hope to have him here by the first of the year.
Staying home from Fair Hill was very strange - but we did buy a new horse that weekend. Amy Tryon owned a horse named That's Smart (Smartie) that was supposed to run the two star at Fair Hill. She and her husband, Greg, really wanted to buy a house in Seattle - and the only why they could get that done is to sell him. So - Dick Thompson, who has owned Biko, Joker's Wild, Upstage, Beringer, Mr. Maxwell, St. Barths, and, and, and... was very excited to become a part of it all again and bought the horse. Karen is running him at the two star next weekend at Ocala - And Dick is coming to watch! Very fun.
All is getting settled again, or so I hope. Ocala next weekend and then we are done for the season!
Anyway - more soon, promise - and the photo of the painting too...