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Well - its been a week, and it still sucks... I keep saying "we can't take it back" and we can't - A piece of my heart will be left on that ringside stand in Lexington where my horse almost was the hero of the US team - maybe not his turn, not his time. He is great, and he will make is right. Right now, Doodle is in his field here in Virginia dirty, happy, and proud of himself... horses are funny creatures - they don't know what they didn't do right, but they do know what they did do right. He hasn't started getting fat yet from his holiday, but the way he is eating, it wont be long!

Coming home the horses are all going great here due to our AMAZING crew. Its fun to ride again - been a month since I was in the saddle - being a part of a young horses education is pretty fun...

It is sometimes hard to find the motivation to get up in the morning - don't know if that is from what happened a week ago or the fact that we've been going strong since January... or both.

So - what next?

There are many elephants in the living room that no one wants to talk about - I have heard phrases such as "the system is broken" and "what the Brits did right" and "why wasn't (insert name) put on the team" and so on - now its time to not talk about what was and talk about what is and can be.

I know we have spent the last week regrouping - working now to get to where we need to be in two years -

The US need more horses - not to say the horses that we have aren't good enough, but horses are horses and horses, like people, get hurt and sometimes they aren't on form and sometimes the event wont suit them for one reason or another.... So - we need more horses.. Practice make perfect.

The riders need to be athletes - we end up taking better care of our horses as athletes and they forget to take care of themselves; from fitness to nutrition to taking care of various injuries... its up to them.

Just touching on the topic....

So -
Off to Fair Hill on Tuesday - I have a love hate relationship with Fair Hill - the weather never fails to haunt us there - everything from 80 degrees and sunny to 45 and rain.... sense of humor is always tested. I do miss the days of Radnor.... something so epic about that event - Fair Hill has been great to pick up the fall two star - makes the week very jammed packed of good horses and riders...

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Then the madness begins as we pack back up to head to Florida... First trailer load leaves on the 20th - it will be great to get back there!

Photo of Fair Hill 2009 of Nat VC with Allstar - MUD!

more soon from Fair Hill...