Good things about Burghley

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There were some really good parts to Burghley...

- Meeting William and Sarah Micklam - they bred Mandiba and haven't seen him since they put on a plane as an almost 5 year old. They are smart, kind, funny and fantastic horseman. Defiantly a good thing.

- Getting to know Jessica Ransehousen - Missy's mom and dressage guru. She knows a thing or two about eventing too. She will be in the barns in a full rain suit staying dry and one hour later be all fancied up to have drinks in Burghley house; and think nothing of it. She made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion.

- Getting to watch the some of the best in the world - some may not have been there with their "best" horses, saving those for the European Championships, but the Kiwis, Aussies, and all did have their best - and you can always learn from watching them.

- Hanging out with Emma Ford - Philip Duutton's groom - Been on a bunch of team trips with her and usually my roommate... she and I have both dedicated our lives to taking care of the horses and not wanting to compete them. She is in Unionville in the summer and Aiken in the winters, so our paths don't cross a ton - and if we are at the same show, usually we are with 5-8 horses to look after - little time for coffee. And she's a great dancer!

- Shopping - the trade Fair at Burghley is awesome - from curry powders to tail wraps - you can find everything!

- Coming home - sometimes the best part about being away....

more soon....