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Wasn't it last week that we moved to Florida?

Been on 95 a lot in the past 7 days... South of the Border comes and goes - always stable tackiness that makes you count down the miles to the North/ South Carolina border. There never seems to be anyone there - but clearly they are doing well with the unlimited number of billboards... what are we doing wrong?

The winter came and went faster than ever - may have been the record low temps, may have been the increase in number of events, may be that I am getting older and so time seems shorter - The horses all grew and developed into themselves, sounds corny, but very true... all winning their last event of the Florida season at the Florida Horse Park.

Rolex was an adventure - as always Mandiba was almost really great - but he was still great. Had 2 down in the show jumping after jumping clear all year - bummer. Bummer that you have to finish on a low... you can hit a grad slam first up to bat, but everyone remembers that you struck out in the bottom of the ninth... sigh - he is enjoying the red clay and green grass - looks like finger painting on his neck. I am very proud of him - Karen wasn't too bad either.

Lauren [Kieffer] and Snooze [Alarm] were amazing all weekend, too - Lauren is tough, way more than her 22 years show. She has been great on average horses, just wait 'til she gets a great horse. She's had about everything bad in our sport happen to her already, and she's still hammering at it and wants to be better... she's going to be famous! Snooze thinks he is really funny these days - Lauren cannot catch him in the field.... bad Maggot!

Rolex is so like The Masters - everyone shows up fit and ready... only one person can win. It's the "Big Dance" for our sport.. all the glory, everything leading up is forgotten, but when you win after those four days, you are the hero... And no one wins alone... there is a team behind every rider and every golfer - kind of fun to think about.

Having mixed emotions being back in Virginia - In Middleburg there are the rich and those who work for them... I am the latter - and have no problem with it, but the former seems to. It's also hot already... 90 degrees the last few days - Danks Deli and the Livestock Exchange do fill a bit of a void... and old friends who I don't get to see in the winter do make me happy.

Summer plans are shaping up fast - Chattahoochie Hills, VA Horse Center then to my high school (Proctor Academy) 20th reunion... where did that time go? Yikes! Then to Rebecca Farm for a camp and back to the VA Horse Center for another camp.... and on and on and on - good things though!

More soon...