I believe this.....

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Great book that was given to my boss, David, last weekend is a compilation of philosophies by random and great people - about what they believe and why - called "This I Believe" - I had just one horse to look after at The Fork which gave me some spare time to catch up on some reading. With each person writing two to three pages, perfect for my dyslexic attention span, I had some laughs and some great thoughts....
I know I believe that I have been very bad about writing... sorry - and thank you to all that have asked me to write more.
I also believe that it is past my bedtime right now.... so this will continue tomorrow.
Till tomorrow....

This is an intense time of year for people in eventing. Your season is either about to start and all is abuzz in anticipation or you have started your season and you have goals you are trying to reach or your some of the lucky few that will be heading to Ocala, Rolex, Jersey Fresh, Virginia, or Bromont and everyday is as important as the next. In the big picture, it will be about the now - people don't remember who won - they remember the great save on the cross country or the amazing show jump round....

"This I Believe" is very inspirational and can make you look in the mirror...

So after a long drive home from the Fork and a few hours sitting in a chair getting the gray out of my hair :) I too have things that I strongly believe.... take is as you want - I thought it was a fun exercise everyone should do.

I believe that horses are extremely good listeners - we should learn from them.

I believe that systems sometimes fail you so make sure you have your own system to fall back on. No one knows you better than you.

That true friends are invaluable.

I believe that karma is everywhere - it may not show up when you want it to, but it does show up.

I believe that "support staff" needs support too.....

"Beer is good, god is great, and people are crazy...."

I believe everyone is crazy - but there are just different levels of crazy.

Insecurities can make people ugly.

Sometimes it is easier to give up than to press on and sometimes it is easier to press on than give up - the decision is always hard.

I believe in our wacky sport, in the greatness and sadness and frustration that it brings to us all. I believe that it is an illness that either feeds or eats our soul. And I believe there is no real reason that we do this except for the trueness of it.

I believe that nothing smells better a hot bran mash, a vetrolin bath, fresh cut grass or the first moment of needed rain.

That a bad day at the barn is better than a good day at the office.

That it is healthier to work to live than live to work.

I believe I will be better about writting -
Till then....