Ironmans, Surefire and Delays...

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We have an amazing vet -

She's actually one of my good friends. It is amazing when you can go from client to friend to client again and back to friend; we have such mutual respect for each other. She is always trying to know more and be better at what she does - you would think it would take up most of her time, but she also is an Ironman Triathlete. Crazy, huh? YES SHE IS!

Christiana went the do the Hawaii Ironman two years ago - she came home with a walking cast on one leg and a tattoo on the other. She is off to do the Ironman in Germany in two weeks. 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike and THEN a marathon.... I love hearing the stories and I admire her very much, but that is one adventure I don't need to join!

Summer is in full gear - the Virginia heat has eluded us so far. Temps only on the high 80's and much rain has made us all very happy. The horses are all doing well in their own right. They all ran at Surfire this weekend, and although the numbers didn't come up in the end - they were all very good. Mandiba got his much anticipated first run for 2009 - We got to see Phil run with his new owner (amazing! - the young horses all did well in the novice and are now having a holiday while the three year olds come in to get broke - David, Lauren and our working student, Jaqueline, all won their training level divisions.

We are off to Stuart Horse Trails next in Victor, NY. Awesome event, fabulous sponsorship - haven't been in a few years - really looking forward to it!

I am now sitting in the Dulles airport waiting to go on vacation - like the Alanis Morisette song "Ironic" - I am delayed to start my vacation... Flight was meant to leave at 7:20 and now at 9:15, we are hoping to board. Off to Boston to see my family - the to Tamworth, NH where my family has had a summer house since 1903. Clear air and fireflies.. I sleep so well there.

more soon...