Karen and Amy's arrival, cross country school and more...

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Hello -
Karen and Amy finally arrived on Thursday a bit red eyed and tired, but happy to see us and the horses. Uneventful flights and a good ride kept the sleep deprived happy. No rest for the weary though. Plans were already being made for gallops and cross country schools and a lorry...
Gina Miles and McKinlaigh arrived early Saturday morning after a LONG trip from Amsterdam - the custom's officials were certain Gina was here to make money and demanded to see her work papers. After and hour and a half, they finally let her go and she and Mac were on the ferry from France to England. Mac looks to be in great form after his trip, not surprising as he is such the veteran.
Sunday Amy and Karen went to a farm owned by a nice lady named Georgina to give the horses a quick cross country school - get their feet wet, jump a ditch and try a few angles... all were very good and much enjoyed the fun.
Big week ahead of us - Barbury starts on Thursday... Clark and Amy with Poggio do their dressage then, while Karen, Gina and Amy with Leyland don't go until Saturday - there are 120 entries (yikes!) in the CIC*** alone! We have vets, selectors, etc. coming to watch every move. Very nervous - hope the horses stay safe AND go well! Everyone has said how beautiful Barbury is - I will try and get photos....
Today the horses got to gallop at Jacdaws (I am probably spelling it wrong!!!) But this gallop is amazing! All weather footing - you pull in to park and then trot down a hill that is a bit sloping and then you are the bottom of this AMAZING hill back up and you hear nothing but the horses breathing as the footing is so great! The photo I took from my UK phone at the gallop - parked on the other side of the driveway.
Lessons with Mark Phillips tomorrow - dressage in the indoor with the mirrors - reality check!
More from Barbury as we can get.... 4th of July will feel a bit different here I am sure.
more later,

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