More rain and quiet times....

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All horses are great after their run. Monday was very busy with vet evaluations - trotting, flexing, on a circle, ultra sounds, blood tests.... our horses are stars to put up with it all. All 5 horses looked great - Very quiet day on Tuesday with another day off for the horses, as Monday wasn't really a day off. Amy went off to compete on one of Sandy Phillips' young horses, Lilly, at a one-day about an hour away - and she won! Yea Lilly!
Monday afternoon a BIG truck pulled in with 6 brand new Land Rovers aboard... so pretty! We all thought Mark was getting a new car - in actuality, the press day for the Gatcombe Horse Trials was on Tuesday and the cars were to take the press around the course. Amy, Karen, Brendon Furlong and I thought we should test drive them first.... no go.
Wednesday brought 2 inches of rain... we'd love to see the sun again. I now know why when we get a working student from England, they worship the sun - and they get SO sunburned!
Karen and I are already planning a trip back to England next summer - despite the rain - because the way of life here is so conducive to horses and producing young horses. You can go to a one-day show Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and then to a weekend show... all within a 45-minute drive - pick and choose where, when and how often, a luxury we don't get in the US due to our geography. The organizers make it so you can do all three phases in an about 2 hours. And - you get to compete with all the top riders to keep you at the top of your game!
On a personal note - my mom called me from Boston to tell me that my cousin Ruth had died. She was 53, a big ad executive in Boston - and died from a pulmonary embolism. I am feeling very far away from home - She was a great person with SO much life and was always happy to see everyone - Big smile that I will miss so much. So - hugs to mom and my Aunt Ann, her mom and the rest of the Robertson Family!!
Off to gallop at Jackdaws again tomorrow - and a big treat for us is that Laura Kraut is in Germany preparing for the Olympics on Cedric and has time to come and teach us on Monday and Tuesday. Lucky us! She is such a talented teacher and rider and a really great person to be around too!
More soon!