Oh the places you go...

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And the people you meet along the way!

The Virginia camp is behind us and we are smack in the middle of our next one - at Rebecca Farm in Montana....

Rebecca Farm is the vision of the Broussard Family - Becky and her husband Jerome along with their daughter, Sarah and her husband Drew. I looked at the photo album of the making of the farm - truly amazing. The ability to look at a vast piece of land and make it into what it is in 8 short years is incredible!

The Broussards are not new to eventing - Sarah competed all through young riders and still rides at the training level. The family also ran the event called Heron Park - before they moved here - 8 mile down the road.

David has terrible irrigation envy... they can pump out 1000 gallons a minute - from the "little" well. The big well can pump out 2000 a minute! We thought we were pretty cool when we got a new well in Florida that could pump 60 gallons a minute... humble.

Picture don't do it justice - the gallop lanes are already mowed and and being irrigated for the event in 5 weeks - I hope we can come someday and do the event - it looks galloping and fun... and that is coming from me - who is a self proclaimed chicken!

Camp has been great - been fun to meet faces we don't know at all from this side of the Mississippi. It is incredible to see the transformation the horses and riders make in one week! We had one parent - a BIG dad - that was so happy that his 12 year old daughter was finally smiling on the cross country because she understood how the ride and be safe too... he was on the verge of tears.

Back home tomorrow AM to get home tomorrow late afternoon - Karen teaching an ICP workshop at the Laws Tuesday through Thursday, Surefire Horse Trials Saturday and Sunday - Karen riding 6 and David on 2, Hannah on 4 and Lauren on 2. I am missing my horses being here around everyone else's horses. I know the crew at home is taking great care... we are so lucky to have the backup team that we do!

Off to the awards lunch.. Most Improved Camper, Best Stable Management, Most Improved Horse.... and the campers all have to do skits.... usually pretty funny! Becky is taking David, Karen and I to Flathead Lake this afternoon - should be fun!

more soon!