Quarantine, gallops, caravans, and Laura Kraut again!

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So busy - haven't had the time to write much -
Horses galloped amazingly on Saturday at Jackdaws Castle and then had a well-deserved rest on Sunday with a day off. Karen, Amy, Greg and I went for an amazing trip to see the Lion King in London. Amazing costumes and so much energy from the cast - really good fun!
Monday brought packing, cleaning and disinfecting for quarantine at Barbury Castle. The rest of the American crew arrived in the wee hours of the morning on Friday - We have a great set up here - Really nice temporary stalls, bathrooms, brand new caravans and wireless for the computers... The cute town of Marlborough is only 10 minutes away with great restaurants and really good coffee! So fun to catch up with the rest of the crew - all the horses shipped great and are in really good form. Managing director Sara Ike made sure we have everything we need for the week.
Monday also brought the return of Laura Kraut who has helped everyone so much. She will be at the Olympics as well, so she will be able to continue helping the riders that will be there.
The luckiest part of being here is the all-grass gallop - the horses had a really tough workout today as it is one of their last gallops - Some hill work with some sprinting - I stood on top of the hill with traveling vet Sara Gold, and was in awe of how quiet it was as the horses galloped by us - the ground was so perfect that you couldn't hear the hoof beats. Amazing - and the horses all look great after - we are now enjoying a bit of quiet for the afternoon. Plans for dinner in town tonight - and some time to catch up on laundry and sleep.
Dressage tomorrow followed by a fix-a-test with Sandy Phillips on Friday... All is happening!
More soon

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