Rain, rain, go away....

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I think I may build an Arc.

It has rained 8 inches in the last 4 days.... my gray horse is orange - I am starting to like the way I look in rain pants - my dog has had 4 baths in as many days - and boots are being washed twice a day - ewwww.

Things are busy at the O'Connor home base - All the horses are in full work, we leave for "camp" on Sunday, come home for 2 days at Seneca Horse Trails and leave the next day for "camp" in Montana.... I love it! I am not very good at staying home:)!

"Camp" is something Karen and David came up with a few years ago - During a clinic, you get to see one person two times for two hours with a large group of people. At camp - you see that one person twice a day for five days and can get so much more taught. Karen and David break it all down - how horses think, natural horsemanship, rider responsibility, stable management, a hand pumped bull to teach galloping position and how to move your body for a drop jump, how to walk a show jump course, and on, and on, and on.... very long days - but so fun to see people and horses evolve over the week.

Karen and I went to Holly Hill in Louisiana for a four day clinic last weekend - my first time traveling with her to teach my own portion... we had so much fun. Cathy Weischhoff came to teach too - 40 riders and 15 auditors... a mini camp in itself. Tracy and Bobby Hewlett own and run the farm with their daughters, Paige and Heidi. Both have spent their "teenage" summers with us - they have grown to be such fantastic people. Bobby is a vet and has stories that you cannot believe are true - his heart is so kind. Tracy keeps so many balls juggling with such calmness - very cool to be there.

We also got to meet Phil's "family". Phil is the horse that Karen's mom bought that is now the new truck I am driving.... He was sold to a great girl who loves him... she's doing her first event with him this weekend - can't wait to see how he does. The Newtowns that bred and raised Phil live 100 yards from the Hewletts. They were kind enough to have Karen and me to dinner on Saturday night. They have beautiful horses... we met Phils mom, sister, brother, nephew. George lets each horse grow at their own speed and lets them develop as they need. And - they are all so sweet and very kind around people.

The weekend was full of great weather, great food, great people and great laughs...

Mandiba had his first jump yesterday after a spring off - Made me laugh! Bucking and head wagging and smiles all around... he was very happy!

Off to dinner for a students birthday... Gemini's are good people!

more soon...