Remembering Ted

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I was recently talking with someone who said they were having a bad day - I said "You going to remember this day in a year? Then that is a bad day. But if you remember this day in three years, its a really bad day.". It was three years ago today that Teddy was killed, and I remember that day like it was today.

The actual date was the 28th; I know because it's my nephew Sam's birthday and I was a day late calling him. But it happened on the Thursday of Memorial Day weekend -

I was on a trot up the gallop today on a young horse and stopped on my way down to the barn to say hello to Ted - Ted is buried on the top of the gallop overlooking the entire farm, keeping an eye on all of us.

I can vividly recall when Wynn brought him to us in Virginia - he had been being hacked a few days a week for a few months by a young kid near Wynn's farm in North Carolina. He was FAT, sassy, spooky, long mane on both sides of his neck, shinny and happy. He was sent to us to take to Radnor and sell for Wynn, who always knew he was great. THIS is going to Radnor - its a pony!! I ate my words, I became a believer - He became "Super Ted" to us and a hero to all that knew him.

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Who is to know what his competitive future was going to bring, but Ted came into all of our lives when eventing was at a low. He was so much bigger than his 14.1 stature; he gave us hope and made us believe that there is something great in all of us.

Most will remember Ted going around Rolex in such amazing fashion and winning the Pan Ams and ?exceeding doubt. I will remember the way his ears felt when I put a bridle on, the way he would put his head in your hand when you put it out and scratch his forehead and his stare when I would try and catch him in the field.

We try and move on - winter, spring, summer, fall and again and again - other horses will make us believe and break our hearts, eventing will continue to have its highs and low, but still the sun rises tomorrow. Enjoy all days with these remarkable animals, they do so much for us and its our duty to keep them safe. I couldn't on this day and that will always be with me.

I guess I write this hoping that it will be therapeutic; I miss him and am so lucky to have been a part of his life!