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I am so sorry about being delinquent - been a very crazy few days!!!
All is well here in Hong Kong and I promise a FULL report as soon as my head stops spinning!
So much has been good and so much has been disappointing - good news is that all the horses have come through the event very well looking a bit sassy. Riders are all good too, except Amy Tryon who is stuck in the hospital with an infection in her knee - an old injury that got aggravated when she fell on cross country. She is well on the mend and is looking forward to the next ride!
We are all looking forward now to see what we can do to be more successful - sponsorships, training camps, fund raisers, etc. All very positive ideas to make the team better. We have two years to get it right before we host the World Championships in Lexington, KY - so all is starting now -
Mandiba left Virginia a boy and is coming home a man - I told him he had "little shoes to fill" when he got on the plane. Even though the results didn't show it - he far exceeded everyone's expectations. The cross country was a four star track and all came up very fast - 39 jumping efforts in 8 minutes. I am so proud of him and Karen for getting it done.
More day by day details soon, I promise - horses leave at 6am tomorrow for England and then back to the US on the 19th. The grooms are off to a fancy lunch - and then packing, packing, packing....
more soon....