Spring Season

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We are rolling along here in Ocala - heading to The Fork in two days, the season has been very quiet but still so busy. We have new horses to be excited about, a new truck, green grass, and no ride at Rolex - very mixed emotions for sure.

New to our crew are two horses from Louisiana - One Step Closer - a beautiful chestnut off the track that we call Sam (he has a bit of a parrot mouth - Toucan Sam) and Cherubino, a very fun thoroughbred cross that Karen's mom bought as an investment. We call him Phil after Karen's dad.... Sam is just starting his carrier and is the envy of all - and Phil has just done his second preliminary - and is about the sweetest thing. I'd buy him if I could. Sadly, Phil is the new truck - someone is going to be so lucky to have him!

Yes - the trusty black truck finally drove its last mile - known to all who loved her as the Ghetto Booty Truck, she drove 140,000 miles, broke down on me countless times and drove me up and down the east coast for the last 6 years... I will miss her.

The new truck is black too - and its shinny!!! And has a GPS and has xm radio.... sweet!

David continues to travel insanely... this past week he has gone from Lexington, KY to Galway in CA to Switzerland for FEI meeting to meet us at The Fork on Thursday. YUCK. Home and away... not for me.

Karen and I have been traveling a bunch too - We made the trek up to Full Gallop in Aiken and froze out butts off. The temps never got above 20 degrees and horses were finishing cross country with their tails frozen after going through the water jump.
Then to Pine Top where I thought I should build an ark - the rain just kept coming. We made countless trips to Rocking Horse and the Florida Horse Park. We did get to Wellington too - did some work with Laura Kraut and Betsy Steiner. Karen also had a few lessons with Canadain dressage rider Ashley Holzer. All amazing - the knowledge you can gather there is so much. And to Southern Pines where we got to celebrate Antigua's, Will Faudree's horse, retirement. A big black tie party with a 9 piece band - dancing a fun was had by all!!! Will made a fabulous speech that had us all on the verge of tears...

We head to the Fork on Tuesday - with Rocket, Smartie and Phil. Last year we had 6 advanced horses - how things change in a year...I am looking forward to being able to spend time with my horses - AND their owners - all of whom will be there!!! Very cool. Hopefully the horse's will do their owners proud!

Off to the next adventure - till then.....