Teams, reserves and Laura Kraut for president!

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Sunday evening after dinner the phone call came from HOT North Carolina from Sara Ike, the managing director of eventing for the USEF. Hearts pounding.... she listed the names - team first, and the reserves second in alphabetical order. Of course Karen's name was listed last.... mixed emotions - a bit disappointed to not be on the team, but REALLY excited to still be on the reserve list!!! Hurray!!!
We - Karen and I - started out 2008 with so many chances to get to Hong Kong. We went to Wellington multiple times to work with Betsy Steiner and Laura Kraut, we carefully planned each horses schedule to give them the best chance to really shine at their respective three-days, we went to the gym, we got up early and stayed up late. I wouldn't give up any of those moments for anything - It all got yanked out from underneath us....
First was Hugh Knows fracturing his splint bone at Rolex - simple injury at the wrong time.
Next was May 28th - the day Ted ran for his life from a bear and fell on the way back to the barn. One of the worst days of my life and certainly the worst of my horse caretaking career. My job is to take care of these horses and keep them safe. I couldn't do that on this day.
Regroup - must regroup... Young Mandiba is a very special horse to me. He is the only horse of hundreds I have looked after that I have been to every single one of his events - from the first time he had a saddle put on him to his first baby novice to his first three day to his first advanced... very cool - and now - my baby horse is a reserve for the Olympics.... VERY COOL!!! I am a very proud nanny!!!
We are so excited for Amy and Gina here - and Becky! Way to go - she has worked very hard all year to make this the big one. She and her horse look SO well - Becky was the traveling reserve in Sydney on Highland Hogan, but now she gets to get the pink coat! Sweet! Phillip Dutton could ride a donkey around the Olympics and do well - he gets to ride the Rolex winner Connaught... look out world.
On to the task at hand... preparing as best we can - our job now is to prepare as if we are going to Hong Kong in case we get the nod, we can do the best we can. In comes Laura Kraut...
She herself is preparing for the Olympics on the FABULOUS Cedric. I adore him because he is Ted at 16.1 in a grey body. Laura is in Holland for the summer (with 15 horses may I add), a quick trip to Aston Farm (relatively speaking). Karen called her last week - and of course she'd come and teach us for two days! Clark jumped his two advanced horses, Up Spirit and Ratancour (I know I am spelling it wrong!)Amy on her two horses, Karen and Mandiba and Gina with Mac. All have different strengths and weaknesses - which Laura could pick up and fix without reinventing the wheel... Always positive - we had a great day. Gymnastic exercises today and a course tomorrow - AND, she's making the effort to come back next week while we are all in quarantine! So - I say, Laura Kraut for President!
We are off the Whatley Manor for dinner with Laura tonight - The US-based horses should be here on Thursday mid-day with their grooms and go straight to Barbury Castle for quarantine. Looking forward to seeing the US crew, especially Colby Saddington and Emma Ford - and getting to know the others I haven't met yet!
I will get jumping photos tomorrow - promise....
Till then -