The Great Migration

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I love my house in Florida - it sit on the back of the farm; I have Doodle, Danny and Kobe sleep outside my house; great patio; and an orange tree 20 yards away...
Getting here is not so easy - David left Sunday with 6, Lauren on Monday with 4, Brewster with 3 and myself with 4 on Tuesday, followed by Hannah on Wednesday with 3. AND - we have 8 more coming on Tuesday - phew. Moving dressage rings, jumps, stripping stalls, bedding stalls, on and on and on... we have a great crew, we all get it done together, and we are really happy to be here.
Record high temps have us and the horses and I are sweating - 92 and humid today!
Coming home from Burghley, Karen I made a pact that we were going to listen the horses and let them tell us what they were ready for, how they were feeling, what their path needed to be. Doodle never was quite right after his colic on the Saturday night before Burghley - we should, have, would have, could have gone to Blenheim.

Reports on Southern Pines, Plantation, Morven and Fair Hill to come....

More soon....