Too much too soon....

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Wish we could do it all over again -

This is a sport of highs and lows.... and when the lows come - you just want to get away from them. Looking back on why Burghley didn't go as planned - we can come up with a thousand reasons.

Doodle was low on runs - He a gas belly ache three days before we trotted up - Karen's father just died - we missed Richland due to the funeral - footing was deceptive and we needed bigger studs - on and on and on - and in the end, IT IS WHAT IT IS.
Too much too soon on so many levels.

And for all the miserable people on the Chronicle chat room - the stirrups are adjustable, you try and ride that track - be nice, we already feel really bad, don't make us feel worse. Cheer us on and be a part of something great.

Home to regroup - Home for more runs - Home to let Karen's soul heal from loosing her papa - Home for more gallops - Home for hugs from friends - Home to kick on again -

For those that watched the TV coverage, sadly they didn't show where Doodle was great and where he really started to grow up on the course - he slipped with the off camber ground on take off to the first corner just as Andrew Nicholson's horse did and he landed on the corner with his knees and pitched Karen out of the tack.

Small scrape on his stifle is his only injury - Everyone is alive, everyone is going to run and play again. Perspective is an amazing thing - sadly we get it right after we needed it!

Horses fly out tonight - Karen home today and we are off to Five Points this weekend. If anyone is there - Hug Karen, she needs it right now. She is a brilliant rider, brilliant horseman, and needs people to give back to her like she has given out for years.

more soon....