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Hong Kong is amazing!!?The people are so friendly and helpful - the city is so clean and the lights are bright!?
Flight here was uneventful, many movies and a good book made the time pass quickly.?Aubrey, Allyson and I were greeted on the Jetway by Olympic officials who took us to get our credentials and whisked us through a special customs line. We were then handed off to Jim Wolf, USEF director of High Performance, who took us out to the venue. To say the city has gone out of their way is an understatement. The security is tough but still very friendly. The groom village is great - as opposed to last year in Rio when we lived in shipping containers?- we are living in a dorm style building two to a bedroom - not too bad!
A quick shower and then off to dinner with Jim in Hong Kong. We got to see the city lights and the harbor - so surreal to be here.
Up early this AM to get the stalls ready for the dressage horses that were coming in around 9:30 and our horses that were getting in around 11am. They were very efficient getting the horses off the trailers - from the time the plane landed to the time the horses were in the stalls was only 1 1/2 hours - AMAZING!!!
The horses are very well - tired but very well.
We are off now to check the horses again - and then give them a well deserved rest. Will hopefully find my way around this amazing venue soon and make it from the barns to the groom?s village on my first try!
Riders arrive tomorrow - with Sara Ike - all will start soon.
more soon!