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PRO (Professional Riders Organization) has asked me to write a blog for the next few weeks - an excuse to get me back writing again!

The news is out now - Karen and Mandiba have been named as Individuals to represent the US in two weeks in Kentucky!!!! Karen and I are very excited - now the real work begins... Oded Shimone arrives tomorrow afternoon for two days of dressage, followed by a gallop on Saturday, Steve Teachman shoeing the horses Sunday, Katie Prudant Monday and Tuesday, Oded back again Tuesday and Wednesday, Final Gallop Friday with a trot up with Brendon Furlong and then ship to the horse park! And with that, we have to keep all the horses healthy and sound and on proper form!!! Lets GET 'ER DONE!!!

The selectors had very tough decisions to make... there is so much involved in the process -and sadly they send some home.... Steven played his cards right and I am not completely sure why he isn't still here - and Holly's horse is 1 year away from being a "contender" - we haven't seen the last of "Stewie" - THAT is an athlete and Holly is tough as nails and she will be in London in two years! I am sad for Will and very proud of him at the same time - his horse had a very small injury and he took the high road and withdrew him - again - we will see Will in London in two years....

What an exciting team! Buck, Boyd and Phillip are all on 4 star veterans - Kim has worked so hard with Paddy; and the hard work wont stop.... if it goes as well as we hope - they will be standing on the podium on Sunday!

Karen wishes she could jump the 2nd jump at the AEC's again... I would like to give her a a thump on the head! Mandiba (Doodle) has been on great form all year; she was told to "canter around" the course with the footing being so hard - and she was caught sleeping - at a 3'3" table?!?!!! UGH! NEVER AGAIN! She is so kicking herself.....

Onward -

We've had a very quiet day today here - the horses got treated yesterday so today was laundry, grocery shopping, etc - Some are off to the the Kings of Leon concert - some are still doing laundry/ dinner - Karen and I are having pasta with Amy and her groom Lauren and watching Gray's Anatomy season 5 on dvd... we will get more exciting!

Lets get excited.... WE ARE YOUR TEAM! WE ALL ARE THE USA!!! And we are in our home country and we need all the support and love and cheering we can get - our job isn't easy.... I have many gray hairs to prove that.... the riders, grooms, coaches, vets, farriers, owners, sponsors, parents, home teams, etc will do everything in their power to be their best on the day - WAHOO!!!


more soon....