What I would give for Christmas....

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Tis the season to give - and I am of the "better to give than to receive" clan. As a groom doesn't make much money - but we are sure full of the ability to see-all and know what needs doing - it our job after all. And so - Here is my list of presents for my family and friends that cannot be bought:
To my family - 1 week of uninterrupted holiday with me all rested for an adventure - no phone, no worries....
To my Mom - A hug from me everyday
To my Dad - Better phone coverage so he can get in touch with me.
To Karen - Another 4 years... Bring it on!
To David - Understanding from the eventing world of what goes on behind closed doors - and how he is actually burdened with the knowledge of the truth of how close we are to loosing our sport.
To Lauren Kieffer - to wipe away all memories after the 22nd fence at Jersey Fresh.
To Dr. Christiana Ober - a day with no "can you just watch this one jog? I think he's a bit off."
To our Farriers - Paul, Randy, Zeb, Scott - a year with NO lost shoes.
To Hannah Burnett - a horse that will pass a pre-purchase.
To Teddy's fans - Another Saturday morning at Rolex....
To Dr. Kent Allen - Endless people who know how to jog their horse. And horses that know how to jog.
To Joan Goswell - nothing - Obama is in office and her horse went to the olympics..... what more does she need?
To Mandiba and Allstar - an orange tree
To Woody - an ear scratcher... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....
To Boston, Bizzie, and Bourbon - many fat and slow squirrels.
To all of our sponsors - Karen's prompt return phone calls....
To Orlando - Citizenship
To Ms Mars - healthy foals in 2009
To Sue - Healthy foals that are born 2 days apart from each other.
The list could continue and we could laugh for a while... but that wont get my VERY late blog up...
Life in Ocala is starting to get busy again. Camp next week, followed by the first schooling show. From there we have horse trials, trips to Wellington, more schooling shows, training sessions, on and on and on. It's all very quick!
As 2008 is ending - thank goodness - I am sending big wishes to all that 2009 is full of smiles and laughs.
more soon....