Belgian Horse

Today's Belgian is a big, powerful fellow that retains the drafty middle, a deep, strong foot, a lot of bone, the heavy muscling and amiable disposition possessed by the early Belgians. His qualities as an easy keeper, a good shipper, and a willing worker are intact.

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Photo Gallery: More Baroque Horse Images

If you enjoyed the Baroque Horse Gallery in the August 2009 issue of Dressage Today magazine, here are some more photos.

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Training Tips for Lusitanos

Use these tips from German Trainer Johan Zagers to understand and train Lusitanos. By Julia Wentscher for Dressage Today magazine.

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History of the Orlov Trotter, Orlov-Rostopchin Breeds

The Orlov Trotter from Russia is one of the world's most rare horse breeds, but it is sometimes confused with the Orlov-Rostopchin, another distinctive Russian breed with a similar history. By Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

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France: A History in Horse Breeds

Junior Equitation star and (currently) judge Cynthia Hankins now spends part of her time in France, where she rides at a top breeding farm, absorbs French equestrian culture and gleans horse breed knowledge. An exclusive from Practical Horseman magazine to EquiSearch.

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Tobiano Paint Horse Trivia

Interested in learning more about this colorful facet of the American Paint Horse? Read on for some breeding tips that'll help you mix some loud Paint of your own and enjoy a round of Tobiano Trivia. By Cindy Gattis with Sue M. Copeland.

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Breed Profile - Friesian

The Friesian horse is an ancient breed, descended from the Forest Horse. Learn more about its history, characteristics and uses. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

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Make Mine a Draft: The Appeal of Draft Horses

Learn more about the history of draft horses and meet some of the draft horses who live at the Kentucky Horse Park. By Laurel Scott Duncan for Discover Horses magazine.

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Adventures in Owning a Draft Horse

Once we got Star, our new 17 hand Percheron mare, home -- we discovered the adventure of owning a draft horse was only just beginning....

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Breed Sires Legend Round-Up

Here's a roundup of legendary horse names you'll see on today's stellar pedigrees -- Quarter, Paint, Appaloosa, Arabian. By Teri Kramer for Horse & Rider magazine.

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Aussie Horses

The history of Australia could be said to have been written on the back of a horse. Learn about the horses of Australia. By Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

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Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Learn more about the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving the rare native horses and ponies of Britain.

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Breed Profile: Brindle Horse

Profile, description and history of the Brindle Horse.

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Breed Profile: Belgian Draft Horse

The modern-day Belgian Draft Horse seen in the United States is more refined that the original Brabant, from which it originates, but maintains many of the same characteristics.

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Breed Profile: Azteca

Profile, description and history of the Azteca Horse.

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