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Promotion of its members and the benefits of purchasing products made and marketed by them is an important part of BETA's work and so we are delighted to be working with the Equine Network to open the US market to our members and make the US equestrian business and consumer world more aware of the opportunities offered to them by British companies and products.

Horses have always played a significant role in the economic and social history of the United Kingdom. Today the equestrian industry is worth over US$6.5billion to the British and with over 4 million riders and an estimated million horses and ponies the UK is one of the Europe's leading equestrian nations with international success at the highest level of competition in all riding disciplines.

The growth of riding as a leisure activity and sport has run alongside the growth and expansion of the equestrian industry. British manufacturers and designers are at the forefront of innovation in a wide range of equestrian related products and increasingly looking to export markets, especially the United States of America to develop their businesses further.

The British Equestrian Trade Association represents over 800 retailers, manufacturers and suppliers all of whom share a common interest through the products and services that they supply to the equestrian sector.

Great Britain - Great Products

Not only is Great Britain the home to the leading riding hat manufacturers and the market leaders in a number of other safety products, including reflectorised clothing and safety footwear, the BETA mark of quality identifies the highest standard of body protectors available today.

Britain is unquestionably the home to finely crafted saddlery and bridlewear with companies today taking more pride than ever in the workmanship of their products. Companies continue to innovate with new designs and materials utilising the latest developments in technology to improve product safety without letting this be to the detriment of their craft.

Thanks in part to our infamous weather, British made equestrian clothing and footwear is synonymous with quality and durability. The wax jacket originated in the UK and modern developments have led to a wide range of advancements in this and other forms of garmets to beat the weather. Similar developments have occurred in other practical wear for both horse and rider.

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