6 Horse-Barn-Design Basics

You've taken stock of your barn, and have found signs of wear and tear. Or, you finally have that slice of horse heaven and are ready to build for the first time. Either way, we'll give you six barn-design basics, plus tips on how to select a

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Hazard-Free Barn

To prevent injuries, make sure these dangers aren"t lurking in or near your barn.

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Beyond Shavings-Bedding for Your Horse

Wood shavings and straw are usually easy to find and economical stall-bedding choices. But they're not necessarily the easiest materials to manage and clean. And, when not managed well, their particles

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Spring Cleaning in 10 Steps

The horses are shedding, which means spring is around the corner. Here are 10 steps for getting the barn whipped into shape.

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Stall Guard Safety

Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure safe horse stall guard use.

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The Cooks' Horse Barn Renovation

Julie and Jeff Cook share photos from their horse barn renovation in Lexington, Ky.

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The McDermotts' Horse Barn Renovation

Suzanne and Matthew "Jamie" McDermott created their dream barn in Pennsylvania's horse country. See photos from the renovation here.

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The Daily Stall Check

Horsekeeping can be a tricky business. Horses can't tell us when they're not feeling well, running a fever, or are generally not happy. So it's up to us caretakers to watch for the nonverbal

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Use Barn Fans for Healthy Air

When you first enter the barn to feed in the morning, the sights and smells are familiar-from the scent of fresh hay to the sunlight filtering through the window. However, if you're able to

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Make Money Boarding Horses

The economic downturn may have you scrambling to devise ways to turn your love of horses and interest in the industry into a money-making enterprise. Adding boarding services could be a great solution

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Smart Hay-Buying Strategies

Quality forage should be the foundation of any feeding program, but stocking your barn with good hay doesn't come cheap. Hay prices rose in 2008, thanks to short supply and skyrocketing fuel

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No Power? No Worries!

For anyone who lives in a rural area, no doubt you face the pros and cons of your lifestyle choice on a daily basis. While you love the sound of quiet and the openness of not having your neighbors in your back pocket, the down side of country

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Classic Equine by Ritchie

The industry leaders in horse products and watering have teamed up to bring you a fresh idea on watering. Classic Equine knows horses and horse people. Ritchie invented...

Rodeo Announcer Boyd Polhamus at the C-A-L Ranch Event

We caught up with rodeo announcer Boyd Polhamus at the C-A-L Ranch store in Las Vegas!

Lester Buildings: Testimonial - Personal Storage

Kent and Connie Peterson share their Lester Buildings experience.

Julie Majernik at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

We caught up with Julie Majernik at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Building Your Perfect Structure with Lester Buildings

At Lester Buildings, we believe that to build the perfect structure for you, our most important tool is planning.

Eight-Time World Champion Cowboy Joe Beaver at C-A-L Ranch

We caught up with eight-time world champion cowboy Joe Beaver at C-A-L Ranch in Las Vegas.

Terry Myers and Amy Myers at the All American Quarter Horse Congress

Find out why Nutrena® feed is the feed of choice for trainer Terry Myers.

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