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A Return to Resolute

Ella Pittman, a runner in the 2013 Boston Marathon, reflects on how horses brought her solace in the aftermath of the bombing. | MORE


Riding on the Trampoline: Jim Wofford on Humor and Sarcasm

Get a sneak peek into the chaos of Jim Wofford's mind—and the method behind his humor and sarcasm. | MORE


English Holiday Gift Guide

Featured offers from our partners for the 2013 holiday season. | MORE


Take Perfect Pictures of Your Horse

Whether your goal is to get a pretty picture for your desk or a great “for sale” shot, follow these steps to get a better photograph of your horse | MORE


A Horse Owner’s Guide to Dog Care

With these basic guidelines you can make sure your barn buddies stay as happy and healthy as your horse. | MORE


Happy Mother's Day

Women everywhere celebrate their equine “children.” | MORE


Rider to Rider: If your horse could speak for 5 minutes, what would you ask him?

Readers divulge the things they'd most like to know straight from the horse's mouth. | MORE


Rider to Rider: Favorite Equestrian Competitions

Readers share their best-loved events and what makes them their "go-to" shows. | MORE


<i>Your Stories:</i> Meghan Dixon

The kindness of strangers and four-legged friends transformed this autistic teen’s life. | MORE


In Search of a Clear, Clean Round: One Family's Experience with Buck Brannaman

Tina Cornish and her children, Ali and Noah, share their experience working with Buck Brannaman as they compete in the hunter/jumper world. The Cornish family was featured in &quot;7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman.&quot; | MORE

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