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Featured offers from our partners for the 2013 holiday season.

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Bit Blanket Winnie
A Weaver Hoofables
Downunder Horsemanship Kelly Herd
The Nibblenet Equine Comfort Products
SpiritHorse Designs Merbeth Metals

Downunder Horsemanship
Step Up Your Training Program

Clinton Anderson FundamentalsLevel 1: FUNDAMENTALS
Attain confidence and learn to communicate with your horse by earning his respect and trust while gaining control of his body.

Build on your knowledge to create a safe, willing and supple partner you can control with a feather-light touch.

Fine-tune your application of the Method to reach the ultimate level of horsemanship

Over $2,000 worth of training for only $950! Click here to shop now »

Hoofables Gear was created in 2013, selling a unique mix of innovative gear to stimulate the happiness of the discriminating horse person. It"s that simple!

Based near Atlanta, Georgia USA, Hoofables incorporates the culture and style of all equine pursuits into our mix and attitude. Our products are made carefully, many by hand, and all with the utmost consideration toward making our customers happy.

We"re super excited about our exclusive relationship with designer Nanna Salmi within the USA and being able to offer this custom horsehair fine jewelry line along with all the other fine products in our catalog.

Shop now at Hoofables »

ofablesDusty Rocker Boots


The Horse Lover"s Guide to Massage
These books will help you understand the many benefits of massage and bodywork. Learn basic techniques to support the physical as well as emotional health of the animals you love.

The Nuzzler is a hand-held massager that is as easy to use as a curry comb, but really works to release tension in your horse"s muscles! While this is no substitute for a professional massage, you"ll find a once-over once a week will help you to discover - and even treat - muscle tension, keeping your horse relaxed and better able to focus on his job. In great colors and different shapes to fit every hand, there should be a Nuzzler in every grooming box. Great for yourself, or as a gift.

Holiday Special: bundle a nuzzler with The Horse"s Lover"s Guide to Massage for $19.95! Shop roulette Now »

Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket with Adjustable Snuggit Neck

From the original TOUGH-1. Polar 1200D Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket, designed without a back seam to prevent leaking. Made of 1200 denier ripstop poly outer shell with waterproof 210 lining. 300 grams of poly fill. Adjustable Snuggit neck allows you to customize the fit of this blanket to your horse. Fleece wither protection. Crossed surcingles with elastic ends. Adjustable leg straps with elastic ends. Double buy soft viagra buckle front. Shoulder gussets allow freedom of movement."

Buy now at »


Kelly HerdWestern Stirrup Earrings Western scrolled stirrup necklace
Kelly Herd Jewelry offers fine equestrian jewelry including beautiful necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.  Many of them are matching sets. Below is just a sampling of our jewelry pieces.  Feel free to view them by clicking on the image below cialis cheap or to see all of our pieces, click on the tabs to the left.

Enjoy your shopping! »

A Weaver
Life long equestrienne and Fiber Artist Deborah Green-Myers celebrates the beauty of the magnificent horse in her framed artwork pieces, which feature cascading horse tails emanating from the hand-woven background.

She seeks to help others preserve special equine partners in respectful works of personalized art incorporating their horse"s tails.

Shop now »

A Weaver

Merbeth Metals
Perfect for displaying your ribbons at home or at a show. Choose from 30 breeds or disciplines. Wall or stall models. $45.00 plus shipping. 262-246-3500 or

Shop now »

Merbeth Metals

SpiritHorse Designs

Keep them with you...Always.

I have always been fascinated and intrigued by Celtic lore, art and knot work. The continual looping design of the Celtic knot shows no beginning and no end, suggesting infinity and interconnectedness. I aspire to create a unique, and beautiful wearable memory that would visibly show the endless love and the enduring bonds we create with our horses. Because horses are not only our companions, but our best friends - our family, whether they are nickering in our barn to greet us or have moved on to gallop in greener pastures.

What better way to to keep your horses with you - Always.


Shop Now at Spirit Horse Designs »


Bit Blanket

No Horse Or Rider In Cold-Weather Climates Should Be Without a Bit Blanket™!

Bit BlanketBit Blanket™, the electric bit warmer, prevents cold-bit pain, discomfort, numbness, soft-tissue damage, and related training problems. Preserving a horse"s sensitive mouth, preventing bridling problems and training issues, and avoiding head-shyness by warming a freezing cold bit before asking your horse to accept it should be part of every rider"s grooming ritual. Simply wrap the Bit Blanket™ around your horse"s cold bit when you get to the barn, plug it in, and while you"re grooming your horse and preparing for your ride, the bit is warming to a safe and comfortable temperature. A warm bit encourages bit acceptance and positive training associations.

Shop now at Bit Blanket »

Bit Blanket

The Nibblenet

THE NIBBLENET® is designed by a horse lover for horse lovers. The unique design and high quality construction make this the ideal way to feed hay to your horses. The 2", 1.5" or 1.25" openings in the front of the bag allow the horse to "graze" for his hay in a much more natural way. Instead of gulping down big mouthfuls, he has to work for the hay, one bite at a time. This slows him down, which is much healthier for his digestion, and keeps him busy much longer. The design of THE NIBBLENET® is such that there is also much less waste of hay.

Shop now »

The NibbleNet


WinnieWinnie"s cookies are 100% organic.


  • No Harmful Sugars
  • No preservative or other chemicals
  • Fresh, soft, aromatic cookies direct from our ovens to your doorstep or barn
  • Horses love them


  • Nutritional supplement with 22 vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids
  • Food-based nutrients promote improved absorption
  • No harmful chemicals

Christmas stockings - 1 dozen $12.95
2 1/2 Dozen $18.95

ORDER NOW in time for Holiday Giving!

Equine Comfort Products

Equine Comfort Products is unsurpassed in quality, design and utility. Manufacturing since 1984... we have established our company as the premium supplier to the equestrian customer. Australian Merino Sheepskin Pads and Accessories As always Mother Nature knows best there is no man-made material that can equal the therapeutic benefits of sheepskin.

Benefits include:

  • lightweight, breathable shock absorption
  • total relief from pressure points
  • complete elimination of chafing sores and rubs
  • effective heat and moisture management

Try our 100% Merino Sheepskin Pad

Call us at 1-877-580-9735 or shop now online!

Sanita FootwearKLSelectKL Select began operations in 1987 as Kensington Leather Company. Maintaining our high standard of excellence through four decades, KL Select continues to provide quality products to the equestrian market, superior customer service, and the finest leather available in the world.

At Sanita, we"ve been making cozy, comfortable clogs the Danish way since 1907. In fact, we were the first to make them. Our founder, Christen Andersen, not only created the first pair by hand, he also created our first distribution system: the basket of his bicycle.

And that tradition of craftsmanship and caring lives on today in every clog we make. With innovative design and exacting standards, our shoes are always easy on your feet. And with attractive new styles every season, they"re easy on your eyes as well. Today we still handcraft our clogs in Europe. Sure, we could save a little if we outsourced the work, but we just can"t. Maybe it"s because we"ve been making them our way for over 100 years.

Shop now !

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