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Resources for the Rider’s ‘Bucket List’

In Horse & Rider's July '09 article "The Rider's Life List," we shared 40 horse-related goals that hopefully inspired you to create your own equine 'bucket list'--and recharge your horse life batteries. If you need a little help beefing up your list, check out the following sources for inspiration. | MORE


Married with Horses Photo Gallery: Meet Our New Foal

Meet Mandy's new foal, Justin, in this photo gallery from Married with Horses columnist Jeremy Law. | MORE


Married with Horses: Spitting Image, Part 1

Jeremy and his wife pick up their new Border Collie mix at the animal shelter and finish their mare's foaling stall, both in the nick of time. | MORE


Married with Horses: Moving Forward

The cycle of life moves on at the farm, where Mandy gets closer to her foaling date, and a horsewoman and her husband consider finding another dog to join their furry family. | MORE


The Riding Family: The Perfect Children’s Horse

When Marla Lowe and her husband bought a scarred and elderly gelding, he turned out to be a perfect horse for their children. | MORE


Married with Horses: Digging Deep

As a horsewoman and her husband try to cope with the passing of a beloved dog, they realize that, in their own ways, their other four-legged family members feel the loss, too. | MORE


Married with Horses: Animal Crackers

A horsewoman's husband ponders on how some days, feeding the animals seems to take almost all day. | MORE


Married with Horses: I Get a Kick Out of You

After a week filled with sick pets and bills, a horsewoman and her husband get a kick out of feeling the foal inside their mare's belly. | MORE


Married with Horses: Shining Star

A horsewoman and her husband help their neighbors welcome a new foal into the world. | MORE


Married with Horses: The Cat’s Meow

A horsewoman's husband listens to what his cats have to say about tricks, mice and napping. | MORE

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