15.5 Hand Gelding for Sale, Cheap!

Or, How Not to Sell Your Horse on the Internet! EquiSearch columnist Suzanne Drnec discusses the pros and cons of buying a horse online -- and offers advice to future sellers.

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Baxter Black: The Spare Horse

EquiSearch columnist and cowboy poet Baxter Black's muses over the true meaning of a spare horse -- and what it means to life and limb.

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How Many Riders Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

How many riders does it take to change a light bulb? This amusing list landed in the EquiSearch mailbox--a tongue-in-cheek look at the various equestrian types.

Nov 03, 2002

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Baxter Black: Horse Trainin' Tribulations

EquiSearch columnist and cowboy poet Baxter Black's tale of life lessons not learned.

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A Horseman's Mentality

Father Jim Schmitmeyer reflects on the idea that horses respond and react according to how they were trained. How then, he wonders, may a horse trained by a terrorist accept and work with a rider?

Oct 25, 2002

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Artist Andre Pater: A Matter of Light

Basking in the spotlight of critical and popular acclaim, Lexington-based artist Andre Pater breathes life into his sporting-art canvases.

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The Photography of Robert Vavra

Artist Robert Vavra, internationally known for his dramatic horse photos, is a master of choreography and composition. His coffee table books have sold millions of copies world-wide. Writen by Jack Moore for EQUUS magazine.

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Suzanne Drnec: Anchors and Keepsakes

EquiSearch columnist, Suzanne Drnec notices the anchors in her life - all the symbols and sounds that prompt memories of farm visits, horses, feeding time, and friends.

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Stable Riding: Stability with Horses

Some teachers teach so well, their lessons continue and stay with you for life. Written by Heidi Nyland.

Sep 06, 2002

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It's a Big Small World columnist Suzanne Drnec discovers the world of model horse showing.

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Baxter Black: Flynt's Trade

Baxter Black ponders horse tradin' and the unlikely notion of going into the horse biz with a buddy.

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Life With Horses: Get the Most Out of Each Stage of Your Life

Are you getting the most out of your equestrian experience? What will you be doing 20 years from now? Here are tips on how to make every stage of your life with horses satisfying.

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George Washington's Horse

The Kellogg Foundation has given Mount Vernon a horse much like Washington's favorite mount. "Magnolia" joins a host of heritage breeds that occupy the barns and pastures of the historic Virginia plantation.

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Chat Transcript: James Baxter

EquiSearch readers talk with James Baxter, the lead animator for Dreamworks. His latest project is "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron."

May 25, 2002

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Behind the Gates: Loudoun County's Annual Hunt Country Stable Tour

Some of Virginia's finest estates will open their doors for Loudoun County's annual Hunt Country Stable Tour each year.

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