Famous Riders and Their Horses

How much do you know about famous riders and their horses' names? Try this test from EquiSearch contributor Larry Tritten.

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Mounted Police Links

Links to the homepages of Mounted Police Units from around the world and suppliers of mounted police resources and equipment.

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Mounted Police

Mounted Police Units around the world patrol city streets and maintain order. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

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The Horse's Role in British Ceremonial Life

How the horse still plays an important role in the ceremonial life of Britain. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

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Buyer Beware!

A tongue-in-cheek look at what those glowing descriptions in horse classifieds really mean!

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It's the Law - Really!

Take a look at some of the funny laws that relate to horses and are still on the statute books today. Written by Jayne Pedigo for EquiSearch.

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Baxter Black: Horse People

EquiSearch columnist and cowboy poet Baxter Black on discovering that he is just like all those "horse people."

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Baxter Black: A Horse Matters

Cowboy poet and former large animal vet Baxter Black likes being a person to whom a horse matters.

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15.5 Hand Gelding for Sale, Cheap!

Or, How Not to Sell Your Horse on the Internet! EquiSearch columnist Suzanne Drnec discusses the pros and cons of buying a horse online -- and offers advice to future sellers.

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Baxter Black: The Spare Horse

EquiSearch columnist and cowboy poet Baxter Black's muses over the true meaning of a spare horse -- and what it means to life and limb.

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How Many Riders Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

How many riders does it take to change a light bulb? This amusing list landed in the EquiSearch mailbox--a tongue-in-cheek look at the various equestrian types.

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Baxter Black: Horse Trainin' Tribulations

EquiSearch columnist and cowboy poet Baxter Black's tale of life lessons not learned.

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A Horseman's Mentality

Father Jim Schmitmeyer reflects on the idea that horses respond and react according to how they were trained. How then, he wonders, may a horse trained by a terrorist accept and work with a rider?

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Artist Andre Pater: A Matter of Light

Basking in the spotlight of critical and popular acclaim, Lexington-based artist Andre Pater breathes life into his sporting-art canvases.

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The Photography of Robert Vavra

Artist Robert Vavra, internationally known for his dramatic horse photos, is a master of choreography and composition. His coffee table books have sold millions of copies world-wide. Writen by Jack Moore for EQUUS magazine.

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