Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour

A horse enthusiast and her horse-tolerating husband travel to Virginia's hunt country to explore the awe-inspiring farms on the 45th Annual Hunt Country Stable Tour.

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If Clinicians Could Change the Horse Industry

What would you change about the horse industry? Expo attendees got the chance to ask top trainers and clinicians just that at the Virginia Equine Extravaganza in Richmond, Va., May 1, 2004. Written by Kate Lindon for EquiSearch.

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Rocky Mountain Cowboy for a Week

Twenty tourists forget their day jobs as they become cowboys in Banff, Canada, on a weeklong adventure horseback trip. Written by Cheyenne Steffen.

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Balance Golf and Riding on Vacation

Like golf, horseback riding generates a lot of passion. When families find their loyalties divided between these two pursuits at vacation time, it can mean chaos -- or the vacation of a lifetime. Written by Dale Leatherman for EquiSearch.

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Cavalia Showcases Human-Horse Bond

Discover the magic of the newest equestrian show to hit America, created by a co-founder of Cirque de Soleil. Written by Li Robbins for EquiSearch.

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Old People's Riding Club Picks Up Speed

A just-for-fun riding club for adults proves to be a concept with national appeal. Written by Shara Rutberg for EquiSearch.

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Bareback Summertime Freedom

Remember when summertime freedom meant riding bareback? EquiSearch columnist Suzanne Drnec relives those summer rides and grants her own kind of equine therapy.

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Historical: Frosty the Gambling Horse

Horse players are nothing new. But a horse ... player? It was big news when Frosty strolled into the casino. Written by Martha Cantarini for EquiSearch.

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Join EquiSearch columnist Suzanne Drnec as she examines her daily events as a horsewife and business woman. Somehow, the job isn't as romantic as expected...

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Suzi Drnec: Rana's Rose

Columnist Suzi Drnec's poignant look back at the life and passing of her first horse and lifelong companion, Rana. Written for EquiSearch.

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Top Ten Spook List

This amusing list arrived in the EquiSearch mailbox. We got a chuckle out of it and hope you will, too. So here, with apologies to David Letterman, are the Top Ten Spookiest Things, written by "A Horse."

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Through A Master's Lens

Top stock-horse photographer David Stoecklein discusses his favorites shots and offers tips. Written by Rene E. Riley for Horse & Rider.

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Marguerite Henry: Forever Young

The late Marguerite Henry captured the dreams and fantasies of horse-loving children everywhere. Written by Dale Leatherman for Equestrian Life.

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Living With Horses

Horses have a tendency to change people's lives in ways they'd never have expected. Horsewoman Beth Carey describes her life before -- and after -- she became involved in horses. Written for EquiSearch.

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Do Horses Speak on Christmas Eve?

Happy holidays! If your horse could speak to you at midnight on Christmas Eve (a time when legend says animals acquire the power of speech), what might he say? Here's what animal communicator Carries Allen thinks.

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