Simple Tips for Easy Horse Deworming and Vaccinating

Elementary procedures such as worming and vaccinating should be non-stressful for both the horse and the administrator.

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A Chilling Thought About Horse Deworming Schedules

  I’ve come to the conclusion that the first thing we all need to do when it comes to our horse deworming schedule decisions is “chill.” Like you I’ve read many conflicting horse deworming

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Right Facts About Equine Deworming, Part Three

Horses ingest worm eggs and larvae when they graze.Since those little bugs love warm weather here’s info from Merial for your best horse dewormer schedule.Go get 'em!AmyFACT. You can't manage

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Right Facts About Equine Deworming

Deworming takes more thought than simply grabbing a paste product.It’s spring and you know exactly what kind of worming program for horses to follow. Deworm all your horses do it on a frequent and

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How Much Do You Know About Horse Deworming? Part Two

 Most worm contamination on a farm comes from a small subset of high shedders.Right Facts About Equine Deworming Part TwoMerial's here to test our "know-how" and inform us of the latest strategies

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Warm Weather Horse Deworming Strategies

Summer is a good time to remember to deworm your horse.Parasites love warm weather just as much as we do and summer is a good times to evaluate your horse deworming program.But what worming program

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Pfizer Animal Health Launches New Horse Deworming Website

Your horse is an individual so deworm him like one.Check it out! Pfizer Animal Health launched a new state-of-the-art website for their individualized horse deworming program. Located at

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An Equine Deworming Strategy to Prevent Parasite Resistance to Medications

Smart strategies help defeat the growing problem of drug resistance.

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Parasite Control

In the 1960s, deworming was done by a veterinarian, who treated a horse by passing a stomach tube through his nose to deliver potent chemicals that killed everything that wiggled. Horses hated it, and

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Smart Shots and Deworming

One of the most confusing aspects of horse ownership can be sorting out annual vaccinations and deworming plans. There are so many different shots and deworming products available on the market today,

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Comprehensive Guide to Equine Deworming Products

Use this handy chart to help you decide which dewormer will work best for your horse's needs. By Barb Crabbe, DVM, for Horse & Rider magazine.

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Plan Your Horse's Vaccination Schedule

Use this printable chart to map out when your horse needs important immunizations. From the editors of Practical Horseman magazine.

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How to Safely Paste Deworm Your Horse

Don't let it turn into a sticky situation, know how to safely paste deworm your horse from the Certified Horsemanship Association

Internal Parasites are Sneaky Villains

Each day intestinal parasites try to steal your horse's health. To stop these sneaky villains you have to identify them. This video from Merck Animal Health can help.

Bacterial Population of the Gut

Dr. Scott Weese, University of Guelph Researcher, answers questions about his research on the bacterial population of the equine gut.

Dealing with Worms

Check out this month's video from Merck on dealing with worms.

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