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Dr. Juliet Getty: The Overweight Horse Who Won’t Stop Eating -- Leptin Resistance is the Key!

Nobody likes to diet--especially your horse. Not only that putting your horse on a diet can be dangerous for him.Equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty explains:Your horse is overweight. You’ve been

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Would Your Horse Choose the Horse Trainer, or You with a Treat?

There's a very well-respected horse trainer (who shall go unnamed) who told the following story that makes a big point about horse treats:"One lady whose horse I was training used to come out to see

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Tips For Overseeding Horse Pastures

Early spring is the ideal time to overseed pastures according to Laurie Cerny editor and publisher of "After the hard winter we have had with heavy snow pack there has been

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Dr. Juliet Getty: Restricting Forage is Incredibly Stressful for Your Horse

If your horse has too much padding over his ribs cutting back on his hay is only going to create another host of problems according to respected equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty a contributing

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Salt for Horses in High Temps

Id you're horse showing in the heat, these tips can help your horse stay hydrated.

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Question for Dr. Juliet Getty: Why Don't Horses Have a Gallbladder?

Dr. Juliet Getty and horse friend. | Photo Courtesy Dr. Juliet GettyEquine nutritionist and Horse Journal columnist Dr. Juliet Getty answers a reader's question about why horses don't have gallbladders:Add

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Tasty Holiday Treat Recipes for Your Horse By the Editors of Horse & Rider magazine

In the December '09 issue of Horse & Rider magazine we shared several holiday gift and party ideas for you, your barn pals and your horse. If you're looking for an inexpensive gift for your horse, try one of these fab holiday horse treat recipes!

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Fall Horse Feeding

When making seasonal adjustments to your horse's diet, give his system time to adapt with these expert guidelines.

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Putting Weight on Your Horse for Winter

A skinny horse won't do well in winter weather. Here's how to add weight to your horse before the temperatures drop.

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Benefits from Floor Level Feeding

You can reduce your horse's risk of choke, colic and respiratory disorders and increase the amount of nutrients he gets from his ration by doing nothing more than eliminating chest- or head-high feed tubs and hay racks.

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