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Buying a Horse

What is the Most Important Trait You Look for in a Horse?

Riders share what they consider first when buying or leasing a new partner....Read More >

Getting My First Horse

On her 16th birthday, Kristie Allison chose a horse over a '67 Mustang--and her life was forever changed. ...Read More >

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Salt for Horses in High Temps

Id you're horse showing in the heat, these tips can help your horse stay hydrated. ...Read More >

Tasty Holiday Treat Recipes for Your Horse By the Editors of Horse & Rider magazine

In the December '09 issue of Horse & Rider magazine we shared several holiday gift and party ideas for you, your barn pals and your horse. If you're looking for an inexpensive gift for your horse, try one of these fab holiday horse treat recipes!...Read More >

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Bathing Beauty

Bath time is a great time to assess horse health and keep your horse's coat gleaming....Read More >

Groom Your Horse for Good Health

Follow these grooming tips to help maintain horse health....Read More >

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Horse Health

Eight Summer Health Concerns

Warm weather and sunny days bring some specific changes to your horse's health. Here's what to be on watch for this season....Read More >

Heat Stress in Horses

As temperatures rise this summer, monitor your horse's health closely. ...Read More >

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Stable Management

10 Tips to Protect Your Horses from Insects

Follow these tips to protect your horses from insects and parasites and make your property less fly-friendly....Read More >

Avoid Big Vet Bills

You can save $100s, even $1,000s on vet-care costs with simple changes to your everyday routine....Read More >

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