All About Horses

Learn about the basics of horsemanship, breeds, disciplines, horse care, horse management and more.

Riding 101

Don’t know a poll from a croup or a trot from a gallop? Check out the horsemanship primers here. Even if you’re already riding, there’s lots more to learn...MORE


There are more than 300 horse breeds in world. Not all of them are described here, but you’re likely to find your favorites. Check back; we’re adding new ones all the time...MORE

Horse Care

Whoa! You’re ready to buy or lease your first horse and you haven’t a clue as to what the care of your new equine friend entails. Learn all you need to get started here...MORE


Explore the many horse sports--English or Western riding, perhaps driving or vaulting. There's one that will fit you like your favorite boots...MORE

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