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Safe Horsemanship

Horseback Riding Safety Tips

Whether you're horseback riding or working from the ground, heed these safety tips to keep you and your horse out of trouble.

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How To Perform a Tack Safety Check of a Horse

Produced by the Certified Horsemanship Association, in this short video you'll learn what parts of the saddle and bridle to check for wear and tear as well as how to ensure your horse's tack is adjusted correctly so that your horse can perform comfortably.

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Riding Horses Safely in Traffic

Do your trail rides have to end where the public road begins? Not after our endurance rider expert shares her tips for safely riding your horse across roads and in traffic.

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How To Tie Your Horse Properly

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Nancy Cahill explains the basics of tying your horse--from the safest places to the best kinds of knots.

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Video: How To Lead Your Horse From a Herd

Wading into a bunch of loose horses to collect yours can be daunting. This video from the Bay Area Equestrian Network shows how to do it safely.

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Video: How to Remove a Loose Shoe

Becky Cothran shows us how to safely and efficiently remove a loose shoe using common tools.

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Is It My Horse, Or Is It Me?

America's Horse Daily has answers as to why your horse won't stand still for you to mount.

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Wash Stall Safety While Bathing Horses

Follow these simple steps to avoid accidents and injuries in the wash stall while bathing horses.

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Safely Crossing Water on the Trail

Use these tips to help you decide if an unfamiliar body of water is safe to cross on horseback.

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Play It Safe At Horse Shows

Writing for America's Horse Daily, equine events coordinator Nancy Easton tells how to prevent accidents at shows.

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