Life With Horses

Being a "horse person" has different meanings for each of us, but we all share a desire to stay attuned to the world of horses.

About Dr. Chris Skelly

Chris Skelly is an Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University and co-founder of My Horse University. She works with horse industry groups throughout the state, develops educational programs and serves as an equine science resource for county educators.

Chris has taught horse selection and evaluation as well as horsemanship. She has been faculty advisor for the MSU Equestrian Team and coached the MSU Horse Judging Team.

As director of curriculum for My Horse University, Chris develops online horse management courses and serves as the liaison between My Horse University and eXtension HorseQuest. Both have become powerful online resources during her tenure.

Chris’ Horse Ownership 101 blog for DiscoverHorses gives entry-level horse lovers access to a wealth of knowledge expressed in plain language.

Dr. Skelly's Horse Ownership Blog

My Equestrian Education--the School of Hard Knocks

  The older I get, the more cautious I become around my horses.? I had no fear in my childhood ? galloping bareback on half broke horses over a pasture.?? When I was in college, I loved the challenge of training a young horse.? However, age,

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Blanketing or "au Naturel"

My first horse Blue had a very extensive wardrobe. She had her show sheet, show blanket, heavy-, mid- and light-weight blankets, and her waterproof outdoor blanket.

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Body Condition Scoring Horses In the Winter

Maybe I just have a heightened awareness right now, but I think I am seeing more thin horses as I drive by pastures through the countryside.? Like many of my colleagues, I am concerned about the status

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Weighing In On Feeding Horses

I just started a new diet based on replacing fatty and sugary foods with good old protein and high fiber options.? Actually, besides missing sweets, I enjoy eating vegetables (with the exception of broccoli)

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Get a Jump Start on 2013 Pastures Now!

This weekend?s fallish weather was a reminder that old man winter is lurking around the corner.? Being originally from Texas, I am still caught unprepared when cold weather is at our doorstep in the midst

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