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Being a "horse person" has different meanings for each of us, but we all share a desire to stay attuned to the world of horses.

Horse Book Reviews

Book Review: Alexandra the Great

Writing for young readers, author Deb Aronson tracks the the story of Rachel Alexandra, one the the greatest Thoroughbred fillies ever to race in the U.S.

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Book Review: Fergus, a Horse to be Reckoned with

Everybody loves Fergus, the cartoon horse who has become an international star. He had his first taste of fame with The Essential Fergus the Horse. Now he’s back in Fergus, a Horse to be Reckoned with, the hilarious story of his adventures with “The Lad” who wants to ride him.

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Book Review: Lead with Your Heart, by Allan J. Hamilton, MD

"Lessons from a Life with Horses" is an appropriate subtitle for this collection of 100 short essays by the author of "Zen Mind, Zen Horse."

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Book review: The Perfect Horse

At the end of World War II, U.S. troops made a startling discovery--impeccably bred horses from the great stud farms of Europe were being held by the Nazis and were in danger of being destroyed. They had been pawns in Hitler's plan to produce an equine master race of war horses.

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Book Review: Unrelenting -- The Real Story: Horses, Bright Lights, and My Pursuit of Excellence

George H. Morris collaborates with writer Karen Terry in a tell-all autobiography spiced with anecdotes by major figures in the horse world.

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Book Review: Horsefever

Author Lee Hope's adult novel explores a woman's desire to excel in eventing and the emotional turmoil it causes in her marriage.

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Book Review: Kids Riding With Confidence

Andrea and Markus Eschbach, authors of How to Speak Horse, present beginner lessons to build safe, trusting partnerships with horses.

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Book Review: Classical Riding with George H. Morris

The editors of Practical Horseman magazine have compiled 30 years of training articles by one of the greatest coaches of the modern era.

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Book Review: Barbara Morgenroth's Bittersweet Farm Series

Trainers don't last long at Bittersweet Farm, home of two very rich--and very different--teen-aged half-sisters. But trainer Lockie Malone is different, and things soon change for everyone.

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YA Horse Book Authors You Should Know

Participating authors are: Maggie Dana, Barbara Morgenroth, Natalie Keller Reinert, Kim Ablon Whitney, Karen Myers, Karen McGoldrick and Tudor Robins.

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