Balance, Strength & Body Awareness in the Dressage Horse

As I near about 25 years of practicing dressage, it's become crystal clear to me what the bottom line is and what it's all about. Dressage training is not just about winning blue...

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A German Olympian Makes Dressage Fun and Easy for Your Horse

German Olympian Helen Langehanenberg shares stories of her equine partners to illustrate how the same basic training techniques help horses with different temperaments and body types excel.

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How to Use Self-Carriage to Improve Your Horse

Understand the German term "Dehnungshaltung" to help make your horse more beautiful through self-carriage.

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Improve Your Dressage Seat

To most riders, their seat position on the horse feels normal. It is the result of genetic facts, well-trained muscle memory and long-lasting habits. Every rider becomes numb to his or her problems and even his or her own obvious mistakes while

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How to Find Correct Upper Body Position

Susanne von Dietze critiques Katie Nayak at First Level, explaining how to ride with correct upper-body position.

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The Bitless Bridle Debate

The drive to allow bitless bridles in dressage picks up steam—and controversy.

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How Do I Get a More Elastic Trot with My Dressage Horse?

Before addressing the elasticity, let’s look at possible reasons why you feel the need to slow your horse’s trot. Generally, a hurried trot tempo has many sources. Most commonly these are tension, overactive driving aids or faulty balance. Tension

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Dressage Fitness and Balance with Cavalletti

Association (NEDA), the largest USDF Group Member Organization in the country, invited Germany’s eventing team gold medalist Ingrid Klimke and German team veterinarian Dr. Ina Goesmeier to speak to a wonderfully diverse crowd of equestrians.

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What is Working Equitation?

A dressage rider and Lusitano breeder shares her passion for Working Equitation as an emerging sport.

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Sit Correctly to Improve Balance

Biomechanics expert Susanne von Dietze critiques Lesley Grove at Intermediaire and explains how to sit more correctly to improve balance.

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Develop Your Dressage Horse's Topline

Successful dressage riders, regardless of their system, are able to develop the horse’s topline so it serves as a suspension bridge of musculature from the hindquarters through the back and the base of the neck to the horse’s poll. With the benefit

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The Klimke Approach to Dressage

Germany’s Olympic eventing gold medalist and Grand Prix dressage rider, Ingrid Klimke carries on her legendary father’s classical approach to dressage.

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George Williams on the Counter Canter

Dressage Olympian George Williams explains the basics needed for a proper counter canter.

Gareth Hughes: How to Ride the Canter Half Pass

In this video from Dressage Training Online, Gareth Hughes explains the canter half pass, sharing how to execute it and train for it successfully and correctly.

Video: Build Trust for Better Trot Lengthenings

Part 1: Your horse will offer his best effort at trot lengthenings if he trusts in the connection of your aids.

Rider Fitness Tip of the Month: Hips and Seat

Learn the importance of hip mobility for riders and how to keep your hips flexible for riding with this month's rider fitness tip. By Heather Sansom for Dressage Today...

George Williams on the Counter Canter

Dressage Olympian George Williams offers specific exercises to improve the counter canter

Video: Ride the Trot Lengthening

If you're like many First Level dressage riders, trot lengthenings may seem to be a matter of talent--some horses lengthen more naturally and easily than others--or luck,...

Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip - Reading the Sweat Pattern and Dry Spots

Sweat marks occur in areas where there is friction and air circulation. Why do we see a sweat pattern where the saddle sits? The horse’s back actually has only a...

Webinar: "Ask the Author" with Janet Foy on Dressage For The Not-So-Perfect Horse

As part of Dressage Today's Book Club, Janet Foy presented a webinar on her book Dressage For The Not-So-Perfect Horse. Janet, an FEI 4* and USEF "S" dressage judge as...

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